Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thanks, guys. I needed that.

One of the things the sufi acupuncturist said once, that we experience "angelic interventions" more often than we can imagine, resonates deeply. Yeah. Though I can't explain the whys or wherefores of these interventions, I experience them regularly. For instance, I remember coming down the stairs in the house on Tennessee Avenue with a big basket of laundry. The landing was dark, the basket blocked my view of Shadow lying at the bottom of the stairs. Dark landing, black dog, blocked view ... you see what's coming, yes? Yep, I tripped over the dog. As I flew through the air, in slow motion (that's the way the brain perceives big events), the thought in my mind was, This is bad. Broken bones, head injury maybe, also maybe the dog would be hurt. She was panting as I flew. Yeah ... I could see it all, a disaster unfolding.

But when I landed, It Wasn't Bad. Miraculous! Laundry was all over the room but Shadow was unhurt and the amazing thing was, I was fine too. Clearly someone stepped in to make sure I was OK because it should have been really bad.

I could name a hundred times the angels have intervened.

I could also name a hundred times when I would have been appreciative of angelic intervention but somehow they did not come to the rescue. Like I said, don't ask me the whys and wherefores of angelic behavior. This is not something I'm capable of understanding.

But they helped me out considerably yesterday. Hearing that my client died hit me hard, like a punch in the stomach. It took the air out of my sails; I couldn't think of any way to write or talk about it, or how to comfort my client's family. I think I was in shock.

The weather gods must have felt I needed a boost because yesterday was gorgeous in DC: warm but not hot, not too humid, with bushels and barrels and gallons and liters of sunshine and blue sky. The perfect summer weather gave me the opportunity to get outside and walk comfortably, always a good thing.

Later in the day I visited a friend who lives in Woodley Park on a shady, tree-lined, beautiful street. We sat on his deck and drank toasts to my client, we listened to music, we went out for sushi. Being over there took me completely out of my usual Capitol Hill groove which was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful.

By the way I know that yesterday was not designed for me specifically; the multiverse is way more complicated than that. However the timing is something that can not be planned: a perfect day, a super-long walk across town, a wonderful tete-a-tete with a dear friend - and sushi, too. Wow.

It's another beautiful day in Washington. I'll most likely walk home after my acupuncture appointment this morning. I'm having people over for dinner tonight which will bring more cheer to my sad heart. Today I'll remember again to give thanks for the precious, beautiful, marvelous, maddening, difficult, crazy experience of living life in a human body.

Life is good and I am grateful. L'chaim, y'all. Shalom.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Glad you have sunshine and friends to walk with you right now. The slow motion thing explains quite a few memories for me, thanks.

ellen abbott said...

sorry about your friend/client. your last picture is wonderful sort of like an alien (or angelic?) colored fog.

Reya Mellicker said...

The dusty cars are presenting lots of artful opportunities for good pics. Thanks.

The Bug said...

I'm so sorry about your client - I know that you're closer to them because of what you do & I'm sure it will always hit you hard. Especially now that you're opening yourself up for that kind of emotion.

Glad you had a good day to recuperate. We like the Woodley area too :)

Nancy said...

Wonderful post. I think life is about living one moment at a time and being appreciative for the small things. Thanks for the reminder.

Antonio Giovanni said...
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SG said...

Death and desertion are really hard to deal with. I am sorry to hear about your client. And glad to hear that weather conspired to come to rescue. You never know how these things work, yet you are most thankful that they work the way they do!

janis said...

I too believe that the Angels intervene. I actually wrote about one that I know saved my life (Its a true story come read sometime ~ )

I am sorry for your loss. I am learning so much about death, the dying process, and family dynamics with my Hospice volunteering.

The weather here too has been simply unbelievable. I am so in love with the summer breezes we have been experiencing.
Love to you Reya♥

Tess Kincaid said...

I told someone the other day I wasn't so sure about angels, that I was mad at mine. But today, I've changed my fickle mind. I feel their comfort and embrace it.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm thankful when I remember to be thankful - that's about as good as it gets, which is probably good enough.

Janis your post is so so so very powerful. Thank you for sending me over to read it.

Tom said...

funny how things work out, for the best or not. maybe tripping over that dog would have totally changed your life, for better or worse, who knows. And thanks, you gave me an idea...

Kerry said...

The connections you make with the people you work with must go very deep, but that's why you are such a good healer.

Exquisite post.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Kerry. I have differing levels of connection with clients for sure. Some of them mean a lot to me, others I like and care for but am not so heart connected with.

All the work is great work, any time I have to say goodbye to any of them I'm sad. But this one?