Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celestial Encounters

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. ~Lao Tzu

Be afraid, very afraid.

Not really.

It's scary to even contemplate letting go of our precious identities, isn't it? We work so hard to figure out exactly who we are. Once we have in mind some picture of ourselves, we cling desperately to that picture, most of us anyway. Do you have a certain style? Are you a people person? A foodie? A voracious reader? Are you disdainful? Ironic? Cynical? Caring? Warm? Compassionate? Smart or not so much? Well?? ARE YOU? Does your car reflect your identity? How about your haircut, the way you dress, the music you prefer, the neighborhood in which you live? Do you think of yourself as an artist, or the opposite, do you imagine you are not artistic? Do you think you can't carry a tune? Have you ever said, Oh. That is SO NOT me. ??

That is so not me. What an interesting sentence. Even the phrase "be afraid," is interesting, such a different idea than feeling fear. When we catch a cold, we say, "I'm sick," as if it's part of our identity. I'm happy. I'm sad. Even I'm fat is such an interesting thing to say. Please!

Today's total lunar eclipse offers us a chance to let go of obsolete ideas about identity, helps us make room for some new ideas about who we are or aren't. The key to successfully navigating today's energies, say my spirit guides, is to stop at some point, and "listen." Drop down into your heart of hearts, take a deep breath, get curious and open to whatever comes. If the weather is clear wherever you are tonight, look for awhile into the face of the moon. Be empty and willing to learn something you didn't already know. Be ready to let go. ("Be empty." "Be ready." ... )

I've been practicing this very thing of late, hence I feel I have a chance to get through this rather excruciating moment with at least a little bit of finesse - though - who knows? I will be "listening" - definitely - and I will do some full moon gazing tonight, oh yeah.

My tarot cards this morning indicate that at long last I will pierce through to the very deepest level of personal sorrow. OK. I feel ready to encounter this sadness, bless it, release it. But who knows what will actually happen?

C'mon Luna. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Breathing and listening, oh yeah. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

full moon on this side, eclipsed moon on the other. like Jauns, the two faced god. or dark and light together making a whole.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah!

The Bug said...

I am fascinated by the whole concept of thinking we know who we are. I have this firm picture in my head that is contradicated all the time - and yet I still think that I know who I really am. I'm quiet (except when I'm not). I'm nerdy (except not really). I'm not the least bit prissy (boy my wedding video disproves that!). From the inside looking out I'm not at all the person people see.

Maybe I'll spend some time today embracing all those contradictions. Watch out Mike!

Reya Mellicker said...

Mike is so lucky, Dana, he really is.

He IS lucky. For heaven's sake, I just can't stop!

steven said...

it's good to stop and think about this. i have an understanding of who i am. what i am even. i have a good understanding of why i do what i do to get to being really who i am. because of that i have a better sense of what i'm supposed to do. i want to see the moon. steven

Whitney Lee said...

Too often I find myself looking to others to tell me who I am, to weigh their view of me against my own. I'm trying to let this go but it's the habit of a lifetime and not easy to drop.

Reya Mellicker said...

I did it that forever, Whitney. Just emerging from that habit.

SG said...

I like what Dana has said about embracing the contradictions within oneself. Just made me say to myself that:
I am cynical, except when I am not.
I am warm, except when I am cold.
I am caring except when I am selfish.

Oh God! The list just goes on and on. So many times have I used "That is just me" and "That is just not me", and now I am full of contradictions on what that 'me' is!

Reya Mellicker said...

SG - ha! Well said!!