Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zone 10

The title of this post refers to a technique for moving through time, using breath and the wind - allegedly, that is. I'm learning this technique in dreamtime. In fact, I received a second lesson this morning just before I woke up. I am telling you, the whole shamanic lifestyle? It is deeply strange, deeply.

When in doubt (about one's sanity), walk and cook. That's my plan for today. A big ole walk will actually be fun today since the sun is shining and it's supposed to get warm enough to enjoy being outside (50 F). Haven't decided what to cook yet, but I'm thinking something complicated will serve to bring me back from Zone 10 to the beautiful, exquisite, delightful, mundane reality of my very fortunate life.

Some days I need to remind myself that, yes, I'm a shaman, but I'm also a woman, you know, a person: a human. I can fly around on the wind for only so long before it's time for a cup of coffee or whatever. Because of my exotic imagination, I really enjoy everyday activities like doing the laundry, vacuuming, cooking, walking around. One of my great teachers always used to say, Body trumps spirit.

Balance is everything, always always. Oh yeah. Earth to Reya: come back from Zone 10. OK, OK ... on my way.


ellen abbott said...

I'm very much body. I love using my body, one of the reasons I loved being on the river so much. It was very physical.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

50 is good for walking around? Oh dear, 50 is winter to me :) I need it to be at least in the high 60's - born and raised in the desert will do that to a person.
Balance, yep I crave it.

Jo said...

Much like Ellen, I love being connected to the earth. Walking barefoot is one of my very favorite things to do. I can't wait to get back to my barefoot walks this spring.

Fly high, Reya, and tell us everything you see from your vantage point. We'll be down here waiting to hear all about it.

(Glad you have your favorite ways to stay grounded too.)

Vicki said...

Beautiful happy post! Love this!

Peace and love to you today and always!

Meri said...

Stop. There you are, tethered to the earth, at least in that very moment.

John Hayes said...

"When in doubt (about one's sanity), walk and cook." These are words to live by for sure! Happy March to you.

steven said...

i love to use my body and then especially to see what it can do that i thought it might not be able to or want to. then i love using my soul body for the real work. steven

Tess Kincaid said...

Great shot of you in the mirror! The ice and snow have finally melted from the manor drive, so I can get out and walk. yea