Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here but for the grace of God - literally!

According to the cosmology of Reya, there's a gate of life and death. This gate exists everywhere and nowhere, it opens at the right time (whatever "right" means) to allow souls to enter and exit this manifested reality. Sometimes it feels tiny, as when babies are born. Sometimes it feels huge. The Golden Gate, in the Bay Area of California, is one place where the gate seems gigantic, and to my sensibilities at least, almost palpable. I think that's why the bridge has been such a popular place to jump. My guess is that crossing through the veil would be fairly easy there.

A wind blows through this gate; it's such a weird wind, not (of course) a physical wind, but you can feel it when the gate opens, even inside a hermetically sealed hospital room, you can feel the wind when someone dies or is born.

For awhile, some of my cohorts and I did rituals in which we literally cut the gate open, with sewing scissors, in order to allow ghosts to pass through. After these rituals, we sewed the gate shut with ethereal spider threads. They were very powerful rituals, but needless to say, crazy making. We gave up the practice after awhile - wisely, I think.

Yesterday morning it occurred to me that my friend who is sitting vigil with her mother in hospice, had somehow gotten too near that gate. I thought I could feel the stirrings of the wind coming from the gate, which is on the verge of opening so her mother's soul can pass. In my mind's eye, I took my friend's hand so as to lead her a few steps away from the gate. Then I stood between my friend and the gate, to protect her.

After this vision, I headed out of the chateau to go to work. I was crossing an intersection at which the lights were out. Something happened. I saw a white van coming from one direction, a black jeep coming from another. Neither one of the drivers were slowing down as they approached the intersection. Maybe they didn't notice the lights were not functioning, maybe they didn't care. Who knows? I saw it coming.

I screamed and closed my eyes. I heard the sickening sound of the crash, felt the wave of energy, and a spray of dirt. When I opened my eyes a micro-second later, I was at least 6 feet away from where I had just been standing. The jeep was still spinning. It stopped moving less than 2 feet away from me. I called 911, then tried to convince the driver of the jeep, who was coughing and bleeding, to hold still (he wouldn't - of course he was in shock). Then I went to work as usual. Of course I was in shock, too.

Initially what I focused on was the way in which some combination of adrenalin, survival instinct, and angelic intervention had lifted me up and moved me (just) out of harm's way. If I hadn't moved, I would have been hit by the spinning jeep, maybe killed. Amazing, yes? Whoa. Later in the day what came to me is that I was standing too close to the gate, way too close. The timing of this collision, happening as it did precisely at the moment I was standing there, can't be planned, should not be ignored.

The gate will open for my friend's mother when it's right. I'm still holding my friend in my heart, but keeping myself, even in the astral, at a safe distance from the gate.

Life is good and I am grateful. L'chaim, y'all. L'chaim.


ellen abbott said...

I wonder what an observer would have seen. so glad you are safe. it obviously wasn't your time to pass through the veil.

The Bug said...

VERY scary - I'm glad you're still with us! You know what I think in moments like this? Who is appointed to let us know what happened to Reya? Being blog friends is so strange that way...

Reya Mellicker said...

I think about it, too, Bug! When Barry died, also when Tessa died, family members got on the blogs, put the word out. I'm going to ask my sister to at least say something on Facebook if something happens.

Ellen I was wondering about that, too, last night. There were no other witnesses (at least I didn't see any) but my guess is that they would have had their eyes glued on the collision, only noticing that I'd been moved after the fact, as I did.

California Girl said...

that's a frightening story and plausible to one who doesn't think this way often. God was truly in your corner.

i want to compliment your beautiful image of the trees. the composition is wonderful; the barren tree in silhouetted contrast to the trees in bloom. i showed it to my photog husband and he thinks it would be beautiful in B/W.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Debra! Wow.

From now until August, DC is beautiful. It's hard to take a bad pic anywhere. But thank you!!

Moonroot said...

Wow. Glad you are OK.

The Pollinatrix said...

Talk about an energetic speed bump! I'm grateful you're still here to tell this amazing story.

I recently did my first will, and actually addressed my blog in it, that my daughter would let my blogging friends know if I died. The lawyer looked at me a little funny, but I'm glad I did it!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm glad you did, too, Polly. But - stick around, ok? We need you here in manifest form.

And yeah I DEFINITELY thought about the energetic speed bump. Thank you for helping me think about it that way.

I didn't fall down, even though apparently I moved backwards, off a traffic island, in the blink of an eye. Angelic intervention, if you ask me.

Val said...

stay well away from that portal eh? that was far too close!

Val said...

stay well away from that portal eh? that was far too close!

Annika Lundkvist said...


I had to remember to breathe as I read thru your story.

I have some after currents of angst due to a car accident I was in a few years ago-- a second later and the passenger side where I sat would have been totally smashed in and I probably would not exist in the here and now typing this. It has led to some pretty radical "auto angst"- does not help that I live in Germany and the autobahn can get real hairy!!!!

Being that you work with forms and bodies as well, curious as to your experience of the "adrenaline" aftermath. I did not have severe back pain until a few days after the crash, and within a couple of weeks I had to see a chiropractor because it became a debilitating pain. I understand that you were not in the car so did not receive the impact, but I still wonder about the coursing of the adrenaline and its affect on the system.

The angelic interveners were alert and clearly not ready to take you thru the gate. Glad you are well. And here.


Rebecca Clayton said...

Yikes! So glad you're OK. I think our bodies know more about what to do in an emergency than they ever tell our conscious minds. I had a similar narrow escape, and I just watched in amazement as I flew through the air, curled up in a ball and landed on my backpack, rather than on a breakable body part.

If my conscious mind had gotten involved, it would have been thinking about what it all meant, and what would happen to my bicycle, and I would have landed on my head and done no more thinking ever. When it comes to crisis management, the body is the best! (Now, maybe it's best at listening to guardian angel advice, or tapping into the cosmos...I don't know how it works...)

Reya Mellicker said...

I agree with you, Rebecca. The body knows. TRUST THE BODY!!

Annika, I am so glad you're timing was perfect (so you did NOT get crushed).

I've had a few close calls - I think I'm so very very lucky.

Linda Sue said...

YIKES Reya! You most certainly are in a state of grace!

Reya Mellicker said...

It could all change tomorrow, but for now? Whew. I'm safe.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're paying attention. Thanks for getting yourself moved out of harm's way.

tut-tut said...

Very interesting about letting bloggers know should something happen. That has been on my mind, for a while. interesting. What a community this is, isn't it? I'm so glad you were lifted out of the way, Reya! An understatement, to be sure.

Reya Mellicker said...

Me, too! I checked out the location today - there's nothing left but a pile of broken glass. Craziness.

Dan Gurney said...

Reya Yikes! I've thought about the issue of posting something, too. What Polli did is a good idea: mention it in your instructions about what to do after you've passed whether in a will or whatever.

Take care. There a big moon out there.

Paul C said...

I have seen accidents in slow motion in real life and in dreams. What hovers there for us, when and where?

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Dan. I asked my sisters, today, to post something should anything happen to me. We are a very strong community.

Hey Paul, hello! In situations like the one I experienced yesterday, every neural network focuses on the moment at hand, so time appears to slow down.

I'll never forget the sound of the guy in the jeep coughing right after the crash.

Bloody hell.

Sharon Jackson said...

I clearly recall the back of a van passing through the left side of my hood, both automobiles occupying the same space for a split second.

Another time, I was about to cross a road on a green light and a voice from the back seat or the back of my head, don't know which, called out "STOP!" Which I did and was narrowly missed by a wildly out of control car going about 100 miles an hour, sparks flying.

I would have been toast. I do believe in Guardian Angels, mine has intervened for me on more than one occasion!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Sharon I am SO GLAD. Your guardian angels rock and roll.

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

Last week, there was EXACTLY such a car crash in Hamburg. A speeding driver (under drugs) crashed into another car while driving over the crossing, him having red lights. Four of the people waiting at the corner were killed on the spot.
Why them?
I am glad you were unharmed, Reya. Not only glad, MOST HAPPY!!

Elizabeth said...

Poor you!
This sounds horribly scary and wobble-making.
I do hope you are managing to cope.
Sometimes it takes a little while for it all to register.
Astounding how very quickly some things happen.
Sending lots of love and hugs.
Hot, sweet tea would be the English recipe.

Reya Mellicker said...

Hot, sweet tea, eh? I'm on it.

Jo said...

Oh Reya, how frightening! Your telling of the events is powerful and intense.

There is no doubt that angelic intervention shifted the landscape that day...evidently your lucky friend will need your help again one day! ♥

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, when you had that visitation from the angel, he did indicate that you would have "protection". You have this amazing ability with the spirit world that works well for you.