Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Lap of Winter

I look like a spokesperson for point and shoot cameras.

Bewitched, bothered and bedraggled: yep, that's me in the midst of the final dregs of winter. Though I saw one tree yesterday that has popped, and one precocious tulip in bloom, it's still not quite spring.

The uprushing energy is powerful and - because spring has not yet sprung - exhausting. I know in two weeks this city is going to be gorgeous, but right now most gardens still look beat down, brown and rather forlorn. The trees, oh man, they are SO READY.

I think about the chick in the egg, pecking her way out. It must take tremendous strength, determination, and will power. Spring, too, has to punch her way out of the ground, out from the tips of the branches. Rebirth is hard work! Whoa.

The birds are singing, so that's encouraging. And I guess feeling bedraggled is absolutely appropriate in terms of dancing in shamanic alignment with what's going on. I guess. Ya think?

Happy Sunday y'all.


Jo said...

That's you, bedraggled?

You look better bedraggled than the rest of us do on our best days.

That aside, the photos are wonderful, and show an awakening we haven't seen quite yet.

Oh, Yeah, it's coming. It will be magnificent.

steven said...

jo said it - that's a pretty tidy organized together point-and-shoot camera salesperson! yesterday it rained and rained - it was so lovely and then overnight it turned into a snowbomb that kersplatted and dashed the little aspirations to springliness that sprang from nowhere and returned just as quickly to wherever that is! however, it's really pretty out today - a lot like the first snow of the season only wayyyy deeper! steven

California Girl said...

It's POURING up here and we still have 2 ft of snow on the ground & another snow front on the way. Spring comes very late to the great North.

ellen abbott said...

Yep, winter's not quite ready to let go completely. Even turned the heater on this morning after several weeks of it being off. The last gasp for sure.

Tess Kincaid said...

LOVE that orange scarf!

Nancy said...

I can certainly feel the rush of new energy. It is very welcome. I was in the doldrums for a few months this winter. Struck with every cold that came down the pike, I'm ready for warm spring. Bring on the buds!

I put Life back up. I haven't had the hacker trouble that I thought I might. So now two blogs. Oh, well.

Mary Ellen said...

By the heaps of dirty old snow (and more coming), it wouldn't look like spring could ever come aroud here. Yet - buds,birdsong, and ever-strengthening light spell out the prmise. You'll get it first, that's for sure!

Tom said...

you're such a classy chick--i would absolutely buy that camera (obviously it takes great pictures)

The Bug said...

We had a little bit of snow this morning. There was a race in the town north of us & I felt bad for the runners all bundled up after our much warmer temps earlier in the week :)

I agree with Tess - LOVE the scarf. I might need a new point & shoot - I want something I can keep in my purse for those unexpected pics I might want to take.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love the word Kersplatted. Seems like it should be capitalized.

Nancy, glad you're back!! I'll come say hello.

Jo - c'mon, I'm barely keepin' it together in the pic. The orange scarf saves face for me once again!

Pauline said...

Glad you are out there dancing - spring won't be sprung here for a few more weeks but I can enjoy yours vicariously :)