Friday, March 18, 2011


"Priestessing" is a verb we used in Reclaiming to describe the act of grooming and shaping energy. Of course we are all priestesses (or priests - it's not a gender specific thing). As we cut through time/space every moment of every day, all of us have a hand in shaping the flow around and within us. Sometimes we shape energy consciously, sometimes it just happens. We are skillful sometimes, other times, not so much. There are awkward moments when we trip over energy bumps, then fall flat on our faces. In other circumstances we rise to the occasion with grace. Don't ask me why sometimes it's so clumsy, sometimes not.

All of us all together, shaping, grooming, being conscious or not, skillful or not - well - that's why our "reality" is so complicated. I'm annoyed with all the people who try to make us believe that holding a singular intention is the only thing we have to do in order to make the world behave the way we want it to. For heaven's sake. Each individual intention is just one thread in the weave of consciousness, no more, no less. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, eh? Oh yeah.

Not that it's bad to form intentions, oh no. Intentional living cultivates a state of awareness and clarity at least within the person holding the intention. That's not without merit, not without power. But it isn't the end-all, be-all of what goes down. According to the cosmology of Reya, everything is ridiculously complicated.

At the moment, my intention is to sit with a friend who is one thousand miles away, at the hospice bedside of her mother. Her family is with her; she is well supported. It's not like she needs me to hold this intention, but I figure it doesn't hurt to think well of her, to send her a little juice, a steady stream of Reiki. Right?

One of the amazing side effects of this heart-felt, long distance vigil is personal healing on a very deep level. I wasn't going for that, but as it turns out, I am benefitting from sitting with my friend as she sits vigil with her mother. I'm kind of blown away. In my dreams (for many years), I'm often in my mother's kitchen (not the real one, you know how it is in dreams). It's a mess and I'm cleaning it up. None of the anonymous dream people help; in fact they spend their time throwing pizza crusts on the counter and such. But just this week, I'm making headway in this dream. I'm making progress in cleaning up my mother's kitchen. It's very exciting and quite odd to be proud of my dream progress. Who knew that thinking lovingly of another would come back to me with such potent healing?

Love is powerful. Happy Friday. Shalom.


The Bug said...

I love this - the idea of sitting vigil with a friend.

In my Mom dreams I'm still sitting watching her cook, as usual. The last time she made pancakes - which is funny because my dad was always the pancake maker in the family :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Everything is up for grabs in the dream world, yes? Pancakes are a powerful symbol of the beginning of spring. Cool dreams, Bug.

Elizabeth said...

Peace, Reya
Have a wonderful weekend.
We are off to the orchid show at the Botanical Gardens with all the gang.
Should be good

Angela said...

Two nights ago ago I dreamed I was my husband`s lover. He was the farmer in an old beautiful farm house, and he had a wife who knew or knew not about us, she was a hushed, quiet person. I was not a maid or such a one but coming to the house as someone equal. He and I were madly in love.
Maybe it was a memory. I was however (in real life) quite surprised on the first day we met that he told me without hesitation he would marry me. As if he knew me. I was only 17.
Dreams are strange, really. Taking us to far-away places, backwards or forward. Or maybe we are still dreaming, thinking this was life.

The Pollinatrix said...

I like the concept of "energy bumps." Makes me think of speed bumps, that maybe they're placed deliberately by the universe to slow us down.

Reya Mellicker said...

Polly - oh, wow. Speed bumps? That's brilliant.

Angela: past life memory. And yes life is but a dream. It sure is.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate the view that each of us contributes our intentions to the complex web we weave together into what passes for 'reality.'

And I find so much resonance in what you describe happening to your own process while you sit with your friend in her far-away process.

Back in 2001 we had some wonderful help from Hospice folks while my Mom was dying. Wanting to give something back, I became a hospice volunteer in 2003. I was completely unprepared for the healing I received in my own process while I was supporting a dying mother and her daughter about my own age.

Many Blessings of healing to you.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks for this. I worked at a hospice as part of my internship in therapeutic massage. I was blown away by how powerful that experience was.

And ... I don't have the skin for it. You are mighty.

All of y'all.

Kerry said...

Wow, this so deeply felt, so beautiful and full of humility. I am always suspicious of folks who boil things down to simplicity, because really it IS ridiculously complicated and I'm glad to hear you say it!

Reya Mellicker said...

THanks, Kerry.

Liza Ursu said...

I know those awkward moments well.

"not the real one, you know how it is in dreams"
Great post Reya, and that pic in fantastic!

A steady stream of healing thoughts to your friend's mother.

Val said...

Hospice are incredible. I have often wondered how they manage to do the work they do so am fascinated and heartened to hear it is a healing process for the carers too - makes sense though.

yes it is ridiculously complicated - at times utterly intruiging and other times daunting, but always an adventure.

thanks for this, and all your inspiration writings. I love coming here!

Jo said...

Beautiful post, Reya. I'm so happy to know that the feeling I had of your's and others' presence with me while I sat vigil was real.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥