Friday, November 14, 2008


For Val:

1. I was a blogger long before there were blogs. When I read The Artist's Way - way back in the '80's, instead of writing morning pages, I developed a practice of writing between four and eight paragraphs, accompanied by an illustration (drawing or something I'd clipped out of a magazine or a photograph). I did this practice every day for so many years. I've got closets-full of these "essayettes" as I called them. By the time blogging was born, I was all the way into the groove already.

2. I've had two blogs. The first one, The Gold Poppy, was a very personal account of my life, life history and experiences "good" and "bad." After three years I quit that blog, finally deleting the last of the posts a few months ago. It felt so cleansing when I tapped the "delete this blog" button. Ahhhhh!

3. It's really fun to meet bloggers in "real" life. When the DC blogging scene was in full gear (thanks to k.o.b. of DCBlogs, Washington Cube, and Kathryn ... can't remember her ex-blog's name) I went to a couple of happy hours and met all kinds of nice, interesting people, all of whom really detest typos. Still, on a regular basis, I meet up with various local bloggers for coffee or lunch. It's so easy to meet bloggers because the conversation is already ongoing. You don't have to go through any of the preliminaries because you already know the world through their blog eyes. Very cool! If you've never met a blogger you didn't already know, give it a try.

4. I've formed actual, full-on friendships with a handful of local blog buddies and a couple of New York bloggers. There are other bloggers, very very far flung, with whom I have a heart-connection unlike anything I've formed within other friendships. I love the network of blogging!

5. I looked at my stats just once, on the old blog. It freaked me out so much I never looked again.

6. I struggle with the idea of blog awards. Don't get me wrong - whenever someone bestows me with an award I am so surprised and deeply honored, and I'm happy whenever my blog friends receive awards. But - for me, one of the wonderful things about blogging is that it isn't always a stellar medium for expression. I love watching the contours of my blog friends' posts - sometimes great, sometimes kind of blah (just like the trajectory of this blog). Blogging is a profoundly human form of expression. It reminds me of the way people during the 19th century all played music and sang, whether they were good or not. I love that.

7. I SUCK at memes. Usually when I'm tagged (something that pleases me to no end), I think "OK - I'll do a great job with this meme." But then I fall flat with every attempt to be clever or cool. Theme blogs are very difficult for me, too. Maybe just because I am such a contrarian, who knows?

I do love reading the meme responses of other bloggers, so I gave this one my best shot. Thanks for tagging me, Val!


rothko said...

A few thoughts:

1) I'd say this meme response is pretty darn good and ... non-sucky, so I disagree with #7.

2) Stats are evil.

3) Maybe there should be an international "Meet a Blogger" day.

willow said...

I, too, love reading memes! Fun. And I am totally envious of your local blogging community.

Merle Sneed said...

Reya, I was sad when the Gold Poppy ended, even though I came to it late in its life. I was thrilled to find the Gold Puppy. Even when we differ in thought, I love your thoughtfulness, your enthusiasm and your zest for life. You're the best, friend!

Steve said...

I love reading about how you see blogging and the community we've all formed! I'm glad we all connected this way! :)

I used to look at my stats all the time, but I haven't checked them for months. When the newness of being on the Internet wears off, they cease to matter -- at least in my case.

ArtSparker said...

Good for a new acquaintance to see a little history. Your blog always inspires me to write more rather than just putting up a visual.

Robert said...

I think you did a fantastic job at this particular meme! Have a great Friday and a relaxing weekend Reya!! I think I'll try to take some pictures this weekend. :-)

Cyndy said...

I really enjoyed reading your meme. I was also writing "blogs" before I actually knew what they were. It was my little project on the bus. The stuff I put together was recent enough that I decided to go ahead and post it all when I officially started publishing. And you were the very first person to write me a comment! I wish I could write something every day like you and so many others do, but I actually think I enjoy reading other blogs more than I do writing them. And your beautiful photos are a daily highlight!

tut-tut said...

How interesting . . . I had just found your old blog, when you ceased to be there. Then how did I get here, exactly? Hmmmm.

Great thoughts and post, Reya. Interesting what great connections are made and how personalities come through in this blogging medium.

Val said...

REYA! thanks for playing meme with me :-) I loved reading all your takes on blogging, past & present and share with you the joy and fascination in the individuality and freshness of eachone as a personal contribution of self.
Would love to meet up with other bloggers, and even the ones i already know have somehow deepened the friendship via blogging. Just love it all xx

lettuce said...

reya, you did a meme! and so nicely and interestingly :-)

well, you know a bit about my history of blogging and blog-kin and meeting bloggers

it is indeed very cool and most extraordinary

and today i am meeting up with the sister of a favourite blogger from Canada


lettuce said...

should say "another favourite blogger" you being, yourself, something of a favourite
(have a good weekend)

Washington Cube said...

My old blog was on AOL and called Washington D.C. Daybook. I've since incorporated that old stuff into Cube, but I need to get in there SOON and do some overall tidy work.

hele said...

I absolutely love everything about this photo.