Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm a curious person, always have been. Even now, first thing on a Sunday morning, I have a couple of burning questions. Not looking for answers, necessarily, though if you know, will you tell me?

Who was Walter Houp? I'm not a very good googler because I was only able to find references to agencies located on Walter Houp Court, a cool little square between blocks on Capitol Hill. They named a court after him, but he's not in wikipedia? What's up with that??

What is the neurological impact of gazing at so much gold and orange (and bright blue sky)? Color is a vibration; it must do something to the brain. Maybe Oliver Sacks knows. I have theories, or maybe I should say, I could guess about it in metaphysical terms, but neurologically? I don't have a clue.

Of course I have other questions brewing in my mind and heart, but it is early, and it is Sunday. This is enough for now.


Anonymous said...
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tut-tut said...

I have no answers for you, but looking at all the blazing colors is uplifting for me. Here, we've had sufficiently chilly nights that the golds, reds, and yellows are especially vibrant this year! Quite fitting, really, isn't it?

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes it is. One of my theories is that we need a flurry of energetic uplifting before tilting into the cold greyness of winter.

ArtSparker said...

I am enjoying your Fall reflections very much, and was thinking yesterday that I was also looking forward to your version of the monochromatic hues of winter.

Merle Sneed said...

Houp seems to be a guy owned owned a bunch of land in the vicinity of the Capitol.

deborah said...

he is not the inventor of the Hula Houp?

The light?

Haven't you been reading all the new stuff on Vitamin D?

What is being discovered is nothing short of amazing and wonderful

Sachs? Sacks? aside (loved The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat).

Love you with a pure golden fall light,

goatman said...

Perhaps your local historical society could find information on Mr. Houp. Sounds like a local reference.
As far as light effects on the brain: I saw the sun pulse once, there even seemed to be a pulsing sound to go along with. It just soothed me and kept me still --which was good since I didn't need to be doing anything other than existing at that particular moment.
Questions are good. Some of the most interesting and intelligent people that I have known were always asking questions. And getting answers!

Pauline said...

... Walter Houp aquired land 500 acres of land in Maryland in 1686? This land would later be known as Houpyard. Today the US Capital Building sits in that area/district of Washington, DC known as Houpyard. (found at: Who knows?

your reflection photos are astounding

Gary said...

I'm sure Oliver Sacks would know. His "Seeing Voices" is remarkable. Maybe one day I will grow up to be half as articulate and smart as he is (but I doubt it).

As for Houp, it looks like you got your answer. Oh the joys of posing a question on the blog!

Steve said...

I'm glad someone changed the name from Houpyard to Washington! LOL!