Friday, November 28, 2008

Jane Austin and Leftovers

I did catch a glimpse of Hugh Grant while watching Sense and Sensibility yesterday (thanks for the suggestion, Lettuce.) My goodness he is stiff as a board in that film. His stiffness is a sign of his virtue, his nobility. Anyone who dares to let their hair down is portrayed as coarse. Kate Winslet almost dies from a feverish infection before she learns to sit down, shut up, and behave herself. Gracious. When Emma Thompson bursts into tears at the end of the film, her family is so embarrassed they leave the room. Meanwhile, Hugh Grant, even while he expresses his love for her, stands ten feet away, expressionless.

Do I understand the cultural values of the upper class during that era of British history? Clearly I do not. It was a good movie, though.

Afterwards I ate leftovers heated up in the microwave, then took a nice walk down to the Capitol and back, while trying (unsuccessfully) to imagine four million people gathered for the inauguration.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving. Hope yours was as well.


Val said...

I cant believe people were ever really like that. Maybe they meant to be, but if you look at history - even the royals were a pretty bawdy lot! That movie is incredibly stiff - especially HG!! its my least favourite of him. I do think it was true though that women gained power through marriage so i imagine there were a lot of plans, schemes and manipulations involved in sorting that out! I went to Jane Austens house once. She wrote the whole lot on a tiny round wooden table indoors. A good lesson. Tried to picture the muddy lane outside underneath todays tar and traffic.
your day sounds perfect though.

Gary said...

I too had an enjoyable Thanksgiving but it seems the day went so fast. Today is going fast as well for that matter. I am looking forward to the left overs though.

In these days we are free to express our emotions and many people still choose to hold back. I wonder if being able or choosing to 'let it out' is a sign of spiritual maturity or something, or just a sign of the times.

Pam said...

I needed to scroll back through previous posts Reya, as I have a bit of catching up to do. I am very taken with the way trees in your area feature either prominently or discreetly in your wonderful photos, as shadows or strong shapes. The inclusion of the tree trunk in this post's photo is just great - it adds so much interest and strength to an already interesting subject.I agree with you entirely on the Hugh Grant/English culture thing by the way.

lettuce said...

i'm glad you thought it was good reya. i find it so moving when she breaks down in tears at the end because of all the repression throughout the rest of the film! the body language is such a feature of the story

i hope you have a good weekend

Squirrel said...

Beautiful Image , I like the way you have a traffic light in the shot too. and a bit of the Street sign. Thanks for your kind comment re: Jeff, he is really on the mend now and we've so grateful.

Washington Cube said...

I did not eat turkey. I raked leaves, wrote about Wolsey, wealth, Elvis, massive defecation and rhinestone toilets. Oh. I made spaghetti and watched the Godfather marathon. Fredo. You broke my heart.

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, love the photo!

Actually British people were like that, and some still are. My grandmother on my mother's side came from England, and she provided advice that one conducted themselves in proper decorum in public. Meaning, even if you were distraught about something, you did not display that in public, nor before family members. You had to be in strict control of yourself. What you did in private away from others' ears and eyes was your business. But, at all costs, you had to be strong to deal with whatever was sent your way.