Sunday, November 2, 2008

Merrily I Hold My Breath, Waiting for Tuesday

I'm reading another great book about the brain, The Feeling of What Happens; Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness by Antonio Damasio. Neurologists see our humanity so very differently than, say, philosophers or poets, though in truth, there is poetry in their point of view. At least I see poetry.

The book is reminding me that the Buddhists who believe life is but a dream are, in fact, in perfect alignment with the neurology of consciousness. It's so interesting and a little unnerving, (pardon the unintentional pun.) I mean, I KNOW life is but a dream, but usually that truth comes across in subtle ways. This week, here in the U.S., the dream factor is turned up to eleven.

When I saw a TV ad by Hillary Clinton for Al Franken yesterday (on the non-stop election coverage on MSNBC) my eyes opened wide and I literally laughed out loud. Should say: I'm not against Al Franken. He's a smart guy and very funny, too, but the combination of Hillary speaking for Al was just ... bizarre. The fact that Saturday Night Live seems to have played such a huge role in this election is another blatant sign that life is but a dream. Might as well go row row row my boat, eh?

Thank God for cyber Prozac, beautiful autumn colors and other soothing remedies like the chicken noodle soup I made last night. I'm used to believing (in spite of all my mysticism) that "reality" can be in some way counted upon. But the truth is, anything can happen.

For instance, today the clocks say it's an hour earlier than yesterday, but has time really changed? Just because we say so, yes? Might as well get a grip on the oars, people, and head gently down the stream! Yes? Yes.


willow said...

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily!

Your slide show is marvelous, as well as your opening collage!! And thanks for signing my guest book. Fun surprise to see you there!

lettuce said...

your picture montage is great reya - I love how the pictures do and also don't fit together - very dream-like.

ArtSparker said...

I found that D'Amasio book quite challenging, but I did retain the idea knowing things physiologically before we know them consciously. Phantoms in the Brain is more of a pop read on the same subject, if the subject is the illusory nature of our perceptions.Also your boat metaphor makes me think of the Louis MacNeice poem Good Dream.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

"Life is but a dream". How scary to wake up then. Obviously we will be watching. No hanging chads this time. Love the stairs.

Robert said...

Ah, this particular post of yours certainly reminded me of something I put up last year... noticed I didn't say 'write'! :-)

Another wonder set of images Reya. Loving the light! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

Janelle said...

love the lights! and the post xxx janelle

Nao Sims said...

Oh, yes, the dream... Funny I just wrote about dreaming too.

Like your photo montage a lot. I agree with those wise Buddhists and Aboriginal people of Australia when if comes to this life being "a dream", and more often than not, I find great relief in these philosophies.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Regarding your last comment about daylight savings time, I recently heard a comment from a Native American friend about the topic that went sort of "Only a white man would cut an inch off one end of a blanket, sew it on the other end, and try to say it was now three inches longer."

Reya Mellicker said...

Ladron? Oh yeah!

Steve said...

I love your photo slideshow -- wow!

I never realized how Buddhist "Row, row, row your boat" is until someone (Adrienne, I think?) posted it in comments on my blog the other day. Amazing how something so fundamental from my childhood delivers that message, and yet I never quite caught it!

avocadoinparadise said...

Great pics! Thanks! They reminded me of the Rumi poem:

"Sunlight looks different on this wall
than it does on this wall,
and a whole lot different
on this wall over here,
but it is still the same light."

I have the poem in a book by Coleman Barks -- great stuff! Found a version online here. :)

avocadoinparadise said...

Ok, have to post more of it, so pretty!:

"All these religions, all this singing
One song.

The differences are just illusion and vanity.
Sunlight looks different on this wall
than it does on this wall,
and a whole lot different
on this wall over here,
but it is still the same light.


Stop looking for one of the names.
Move beyond attachment to names.
Every war and conflict between human beings
has happened because of some disagreement about
the names.

It's such unnecessary foolishness
because just beyond the arguing,
where we are all one people,
there is a long table of companionship
beautifully set
and just waiting for us to sit down.