Monday, November 3, 2008


Obama holds his final rally tonight in Manassas, Virginia, which just so happens to be the location where the first battle of the American Civil War took place, the Battle of Bull Run. Do you think Obama's campaign thought about this when they scheduled the last rally of his two year campaign? I know for certain no one could have synchronized Obama's acceptance of the nomination for president with the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, though as it turned out, that's exactly what happened. You can't plan for something like that, but tonight? Maybe somebody connected the dots. Or not ... maybe it just happened that way.

The first Civil War battle was not seen as something to be taken seriously, at least not around here. In fact folks came out to the battlefield with blankets and picnic baskets. I guess they thought it would be entertaining to watch the Union army squash the rebels. But it didn't turn out the way the picnic people expected, oh no. The moral of the story? Don't take anything for granted!

I remember the day when several of us Very Powerful Wiccan Practitioners went to the battlefield at Manassas. We were trancing out all afternoon, watching for portents, creating a dance we believed imprinted the battlefield with an energetic signature that looked like six-pointed stars of peace, or so we thought. On the ride back to the city we heard on the radio that the U.S. had just invaded Afghanistan. So much for that kind of magic!

Tomorrow is not about magic, it's about mundane real world everyday people, getting to the polls and exercising their right to vote. I have hope, a lot of hope, but no expectations. Anything could happen. We shall see.


Steve said...

I'm hopeful, but I'm also terrified. Which is interesting, because I think the uncertainty is worse than either possible outcome.

ArtSparker said...

Beautiful Images, like the turning earth.

Hoping for sanity.

Merle Sneed said...

Bull run began the struggle to maintain the Union. Let's hope that this election unites us once more.

deborah said...

we have nothing to fear but
fear itself
Diebold machines
and crazy long lines
and liars who would steal our votes
and power mongers who have sapped
our rights and sullied our finest
government institutions

we have only to hope that once again this country will be led by the best minds among us
the best hearts of true civil servants
the best visionaries for a peaceful world of environmentally sound principles and humanity

I stand with all of you across the country in my deepest hopes and actions for a new beginning

Love the photos
Love you so much

cuff said...

Bull Run is a great lesson in overconfidence...but McCain is no Beauregard.

k-brow said...

Hope and no expectations is a realistic reference to my own sentiments. Ah, Manassas...we used to spend a lot of time walking that battlefield; it was my seasonal place, a locus I tried to visit each season of the year. Not as terrifying, energywise, as the Wilderness battlefield in Petersburg, which is suffocating with ghosts.

Manassas is also the place where we used to joke that Northern Virginia ended and "the real Virginia began". This was back before we were informed by politicians that there were officially two Virginias.

Chimera said...

I am crossing eyes, fingers and legs for Obama. Imagine the global energy charge! It would be so wonderful.
T x

willow said...

Yes, the suspense is killing me, too. Not long now.

Your photo is brilliant today!

Angela said...

I was once in Gettysburg and it looked so peaceful! And in Tennessee on a plantation I shook hands with the first black man I ever met personally. We were both thrilled (him because I was from so far away). Obama is not a descendent of a slave but of an African of today. Maybe he will bring peace to the wounded soil and hearts of America. Reconciliation is the thing we all need, everywhere.

Reya Mellicker said...

Amen, blog buddies, a-m-e-n.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh and thanks Cuff. You are SO right!

Robert said...

I'm not political by nature, but whoever wins tomorrow, I cannot help but to be emotional.

After the election, I hope the nation won't be 'divided'. We are, afterall―United States.

lettuce said...

thinking of you all today