Friday, December 24, 2010


The vortex at 7th and H Streets NW, at the Chinatown gate. You can almost see the energy whirling counterclockwise in the intersection.

Ah. What goes up, must come down, yes? I say yes. I was saying NO yesterday when I woke up with a terrible stiff neck, no doubt payback from the marathon cookie bender, but I'm thinking it was also a form of whiplash in the wake of my sublime experience of the dragon-arrow eclipse.

When I marched outside in the middle of the night to dance in ecstatic shamanic alignment with the eclipse/solstice, I didn't stop to think that the energy would eventually wash back. Ecstacy does not include common sense, uh-uh. My beloved Isaac Newton understood that For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Yeah.

Twelve hours of sleep, a fistful of Advil and three hot showers later, I'm on the mend. Onwards and upwards, eh?

Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate. To everyone else, good luck trying to do anything BUT celebrate. When it comes to Christmas in the U.S., I surrender totally and completely. Cheers!!

Chinatown subway escalator ... this is the one that went manic a few weeks ago. Who could blame it?


ellen abbott said...

at least for today and tomorrow anyway. not much else you can do.

Paul C said...

I like the Newton quote, something like a yin/yang? You capture so well the energies surrounding your city. Best wishes for the season.

steven said...

i acknowledge christmas with my family. the energy starts wayyyy back in early december and like a widening river gathers speed, becomes deeper, has more stories to tell, has eddies and rapids and eventually widens into a lake. i like to lie on my back in that lake and look up at the sky. have a peaceful evening reya! steven

Bee said...

Happiest holiday wishes to you, Reya. I'm glad you are recovering from the cookie whiplash (or was it backlash?)

I'm just gathering my strength for the 24 hours ahead, and then it will be a blissful few days of left-overs and long mornings in bed reading the new books I will no doubt receive!

Bee x

Nancy said...

I'm sick too - yucky throat - seems to always happen when I'm with my lovely family - little kid germs and all. Wishing you a lovely Christmas, Reya.

Liza said...

you've been cookie battered!!!
I love the pics : )

if you are up to it, check out this BBC special on Sir Isaac Newton that I discoverd on YouTube
It's a gem!!!

Happy christmastime to you Reya.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Liza, I will.

Happy Christmas to all. Nancy, hope you are soon on the med!

e said...

Hi Reya, Happy New Year! Your cookies look better than mine---they exploded...another experiment gone seriously awry! Enjoy whatever you do tomorrow, too...