Friday, December 10, 2010


Shalom, y'all. Happy Friday and happy weekend. I usually wait till the end of a post to extend well-wishes. But I've been thinking that the word "Shalom" is a greeting as well as a final word. I love that word. Why wait to use it? Well?

Having entered the fray of the holiday frenzy yesterday, I find that I am now committed to the ritual creation of light and heat for the duration. Tonight is my last unscheduled evening until - let's see - 2012? OK, I'm exaggerating a bit.

I am very lucky to have so many wonderful friends here in this crazy, beautiful, intense, wounded city, friends who have invited me to spend time feasting and toasting with them as we approach winter solstice.

Life is short. My strategy for the next few weeks? Celebrate. Have dessert first. L'chaim!


NanU said...

Shalom, Reya!
I've been resisting the holiday frenzy too, but have entered the holidays in a more peaceful way at home with enough little white lights strung everywhere there's no point in turning the lamps on. The solstice fast approacheth - time to make cookies and share a glass!

Reya Mellicker said...

Wish we could toast the solstice together, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Have fun!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I was feeling so frenzied but something has happened today and a peace has come over me. I might adopt the eat dessert first motto for the rest of the year!

Tess Kincaid said...

Love that dessert first proposal.

steven said...

reya, i've been making random kids in my class hot chocolate in the morning by using half the water and double the chocolate powder. oh yeah. tasty goodstuff first!!! it doesn't wind them all crazy like grownups figure. nope - it settles them down. they feel the love. you might not have mitts or a hat but you've got a humungous mug of thick creamy joyjuice! yeah reay -
do the end right, make it beautiful, magical even and then maybe the beginning is even better. i like that. steven