Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a beautiful day - for the Dead

I've been talking a lot with Betty Louise lately. Betty is the chateau houseghost (kind of like a houseguest except they never leave). It's not just me - my housemates know her, too. I've been talking to Betty Louise about the light. I mean The Light, and the possibilities for her if she should ever decide to go to The Light. She seems very confused when I mention a place of healing and renewal, a place of reunion with beloved family and friends she used to know a long time ago. She is not the first ghost I ever met who doesn't really get the point of going to The Light.

Some of the dead worry a bit about The Light because they know, in some way or another, that sometimes a soul needs a period of de-tox before moving into the pure goodness of The Light. The living sometimes think of soul rehab as Hell or the underworld. OK I'll admit it isn't a pretty place and yeah it stinks like rotten eggs. I took one shamanic voyage to the underworld. Peee-ewww! Won't be going back there anytime soon. Yuck. Anyone who has ever done any kind of de-tox can tell you the process isn't very fun. Ask Lindsay Lohan.

I've never seen the underworld as a place to be punished for sins. That doesn't make any sense to me - but as a place of purification and release? Yeah. As soon as they're clean, souls can move up up and away into The Light (at least according to the cosmology of Reya). It serves a purpose, but isn't punitive.

I'm thinking about all this today because it came to me that tonight's full moon/eclipse/Mercury retrograde winter solstice could be a GREAT opportunity for the dead to cross over into The Light. All day (between clients) I am going to encourage the ghosts of Capitol Hill to gaze at the fully eclipsed moon. I think they'll feel themselves being lifted up by strong, angelic arms into the mystery of The Light.

For those of us still living, it could be a discombobulating experience. The rush of many souls passing through all of a sudden is always disconcerting, even if we don't consciously register what's happening. A gate opens and a strange, non-wind blows through, and then, just as mysteriously, the non-wind stops and it's all over.

Here in DC the eclipse will reach fullness in the very wee hours of the night. It's overcast right now so it might not even be visible to the living. That is alright by me. I plan to be tucked securely into my bed, perhaps with the covers pulled over my head when the celestial gate opens. Though today would be a great day to die in terms of fast transit to what we think of as Heaven, I don't plan on this being my day.

However, for those already dead, you who are lonely, confused and wandering around, it's your E ticket outta here, dudes. All aboard, shalom and bon voyage!!


Liza said...

Looking at that last photo, I have so many thoughts
the tree (of life) on the left, with the church on the right, and that line of light in the clouds in the middle.
The tree also reminds of Cheops. I have a group of trees in my yard that I call Treeops : )
I also see a volcano in that tree shape, and a plume in the clouds. Interesting!
Great post Reya.
It's a beautiful day : )

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I've been feeling excited about today for some reason. The light here in Phoenix takes my breath away. It's just beautiful out there right now. Sometimes I think some of the living need to live more in the light as well.

Reya Mellicker said...

Jeanette I agree completely. Just don't GO TO the light before your time. But bathe in it, oh yeah.

Liza how cool. I didn't notice any of those things in the pic till you pointed them out. It IS a beautiful day.

ellen abbott said...

I hope my BIL did not have any trouble passing into the light. He was very close to his father and I told him that Hugh would be waiting there for him, welcoming him.

And that last photo is so ethereal. You can almost see the lost souls passing through.

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen you are still so close to the mystery, I bet you can see through everything. Wish I could make you some mac and cheese or something weighty and comforting.

Jo said...

If the skies are clear, Andrea and I plan to go outside around 3:00 a.m. to see the coppery moon. Unfortunately, it's a pewtery day here in Maine today, full of layer upon layer of dove grey clouds. They say tomorrow will be the same. We'll see. I'd love to witness it.

I hope Betty Louise hears you and takes your suggestion. I imagine her loved ones calling to her, trying so persistently to reach her and bring her home.

Reya Mellicker said...

THanks, Jo. Betty Louise is a pretty nice ghost, doesn't cause any trouble, isn't suffering. But she does seem lonely, as all ghosts seem to me. Doesn't seem to be such a thing as a ghost community. Even in cemeteries they seem unaware of each other.

Tom said...

oh, i loved the humor in here; even tho you're serious, you are seriously funny. i'm planning on getting up maybe 15 minutes earlier than usual tommorrow so i can get the full effect of the eclipse...but the snow we're expecting might draw a curtain; oh well, maybe i'll catch a glimpse of some of these spirits in the snowflakes

Marian Wiseman said...

So ghosts can read?
Perhaps more to the point--even if they CAN read, how can they find your blog? Wow. It boggles the mind.

Reya Mellicker said...

I don't know any ghost that reads blogs. But they listen to my thoughts - and yours, too, Marian! Though Betty Louise is still skeptical about tonight, I continue to urge her to give it a go.


Reya Mellicker said...

Tom ... I'm funny??

Tom said...

quite delightfully funny--yes indeedy..maybe wordfully enchanting is a better description

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks but ... was it the bit about Lindsay Lohan?

steven said...

let the soft hearts fly by the blackened moon - smooth white as silk somewhere behind the clouds turning to cinder even as the portal beckons - come turn your back on the earthly world, sever the chains, don't wait for the music to change, dance your dance! steven

Reya Mellicker said...


Hand to my heart in appreciation and awe of you. Seriously.

Thank you.

Pauline said...

You have an uncanny ability to match photos and words - those cloud photos seem very symbolic as well as obvious.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I am laughing as I read this and envisioning all these souls flying past me. Hope this isn't my day either... I'd like to stick for a bit more.

Odd thing - tonight I've been thinking of my mother, trying on her gloves & thinking of her hands; maybe she's still lingering. Tonight would be perfect for her to go to the Light. Hmmm.

Steven continues to amaze me with his silver tongue.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven blows my mind every day. How does he do it?

Cheryl how moving to think of you with your mother's gloves. Brings a tear to my eye.

It took my mother many years before she could cross over. Somehow she got stuck.

Love you to, Cheryl, much love.

Nancy said...

Wow, you left me with much to think about, Reya.