Thursday, September 1, 2011

History reinstates itself

Back in the saddle, taking pics with a real camera - low end super zoom point and shoot. I am so happy.

It is September and I am happy. Was August 2011 the longest month ever in the history of the world? Yes it was, at least it felt like that to me. Ah, but it's all over now. Onwards and upwards to fall and winter, my very favorite seasons. Yay.

It was inevitable that the psychic chatter would start up again, and so it has. The cacaphonous talk-talk-talk is loud and emphatic, barely disguised by the sound of late summer traffic, people on their phones, sirens and helicopters and all the rest of the usual urban sounds of this crazy city. I can once again "hear" refrains of the Gettysburg Address (recited from memory by literally millions of school children over time), the voices of men bellowing at masses of people, all of whom gathered here to exercise their right of free speech. I "feel" the AIDS quilt, once laid over a huge swath of the national mall, sweetly muffling the quiet wisdom of the Indians who once lived here. I "see" John Adams taking his heroic walks, also all the dead soldiers wandering, gathering at the memorials, lost. Have I ever mentioned how many horse ghosts there are here? Lots of horse ghosts in DC, lots. History has again layered itself on the swampy landscape of DC. It was bound to happen.

It's ok should say. I am not a hater of American history even though so much of it is appalling. Most of any nation-state's history is horrific, after all. But I will miss those few quiet days following the hurriquake. I listened carefully, while the layers of history were peeled back, and learned a great many things. Most interesting were the things I learned about Eagle, why that magnificent bird was revered by the first people here. Eagle is Brother Sun, embodied, or so I was "told." Our founding fathers knew that, as have many cultures throughout time. Cool, eh? I wish there was some way I could encounter an eagle in the flesh without having to see the imprisoned animals at the zoo. Maybe I'll take a trip to Hawk Mountain sometime. The Indians with whom I connected urged me to find and wear an eagle feather. It's not possible, it is illegal, I told them. They frowned and shook their heads back and forth in disbelief. Yeah.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Labor Day weekend after which everyone will come back from holiday, ready to get back to work. The city will buzz and crackle with energy once again, the days will grow shorter still. It's already much cooler than it was a couple of weeks ago. Oh yeah, I love fall. Can't wait.

I was wearing clothing, I assure you.


Meri said...

Oh Reya, I wish you could come and stay in my guest room. Brother Eagle comes to fish in the pond behind my house virtually every day. Sometimes (when we're both very lucky) I see him fly away with a trout wiggling in his talons.

Reya Mellicker said...

I wish I could, too!

Tell me, what is the vibration of Eagle? Is he bird-like (though huge) or does he feel different than the usual bird energy?

Does that make any sense?

steven said...

the unfolding of the beginning of the end of summer began here a couple of weeks agao but it was so subtle that only those who love the autumn would notice it. even though i am a summer baby, i noticed it and i've treasured the cool nights, the tiny flashes of red and orange tucked away on some of the less discrete trees and of course as i prepare my classroom for my student's return there's a subtle blend of melancholy and powerful uncoiling excitement. the next period of seasonal time is among my most favourite. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Ha. The trees in fall (as well in spring) are mighty brazen, aren't they Steven. I need to come visit you. I'm been in a whirl!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

funny how 'the longest month ever' can pass in the blink of an eye!!

coming to the swamp in september....will email you dates and i hope we can make a date!!

p.s. got eagles along the north coast too! not to mention all sorts of other wondrous raptors!!!! hint, hint

Reya Mellicker said...

Kim I would LOVE to come visit you!

YES in September, yes yes yes.