Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The anti-Demeter

The perfect east/west alignment of Lincoln Park, picture taken from the east side. That's the Mary McLeod Bethune sculpture, behind it the Lincoln, and beyond that, eleven blocks away, the U.S. Capitol.

In a few weeks when the leaves drop, the dome of the Capitol will be visible from the place where I took this picture. I love it when the canopy falls. All of a sudden the sky is open again. In summer, tree shade is beautiful and cooling, but I am not a creature who dwells easily on the forest floor. I like being able to see the sky.

Yesterday I washed long-sleeved shirts and turtlenecks, trousers, put away my tank tops and shorts. Though I have no doubt we'll see a few more warm days, the truth is, summer has worn itself out, or perhaps the season is now on the move to the other side of the equator where it will be more at home for the next six months. I bid it a courteous farewell.

Because I am sensitive - too-sensitive (as my parents always said) - I shouldn't be surprised when I'm overwhelmed by the roaring life force that accompanies spring and summer here. I've learned to tolerate it a bit better than when I first arrived more than a decade ago, but it still knocks me off my feet. A swamp is a fecund, fertile landscape, whew!

In fall everything quiets down except the traffic and the crows. I can hear myself think! Ahhh, I love fall.

Looks like someone skiied the clouds above Eastern Market.


Amanda said...

the time when demeter starts grieving and searching for her lost daughter is also a time when a lot of people feel uplifted - i love fall too, reya. in some ways it feels not like a time of decay, but of rebirth.

Reya Mellicker said...

And so it is in many traditions! Nice to "see" you, Amanda!

Linda Sue said...

Oh REYA! your photos!!! You are f-ing amazing with that camera! As you are with life in general!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Linda Sue!!

Pauline said...

There is something delicious about every season, and an air of farewell as well, sometimes more enthusiastic than others. I hate to say goodbye to summer but I love saying hello to fall -

steven said...

my crow brothers are louder and more talkative than ever now that the sun is lower on the horizon and the nights are cooler than for a while. i love the signs of settling into autumn as much as anything. steven

Joanne said...

I always find it interesting when someone refers to a person as sensitive, as though it might be a bad thing. I think sensitive is wonderful, to be so in tune with all life and its nuances around you.

Happy Fall :)

ellen abbott said...

And an amazing sky it is.

Steve Reed said...

I've enjoyed your posts about this park, Reya. I don't remember ever visiting it, but I may have been there without realizing what it was. (Did we walk through there?)

I haven't put away my shorts yet, but I seem to be the only one still wearing them. (I don't see a lot of shorts in London in general.) So I suppose it's time to switch to jeans here as well. (It's about 60 degrees today!)

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you on this one.
Total fall and midwinte rgirl here
though I do like it when I see lots of green out of the windows.
Fall makes me sprightly and cheery and it matches Prince Buster exactly!