Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neither here nor there, but busy somehow


Happy equinox, y'all. Can you feel the moment of balance?

I never feel balanced at either of the equinoxes, but I figure at least night and day are balanced, so if I'm wobbly, it's OK. A strange sort of logic, hey? Makes sense to me.

A busy day. But I wanted to post the collage below. Every day I learn a little more about that tree. He is amazing. Happy Wednesday. Shalom.

That's Mary McLeod Bethune giving Mr. Tree the staredown, or so it seems.


Liza Ursu said...

Perfect title!
Happy equinox to you Reya.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

fabulous portrait of the tree - you will have to introduce me.

see you SOOOOOOON!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Liza.

Kim: TOMORROW!! We will walk the circuit, then go look at snapshots. FUN!!

ellen abbott said...

Busy, yah.

I know things need the period of rest but I don't care for the shortening days. I like the weather fine but not the diminishing daylight.

Karen said...

Okay, this makes me feel a bit better. I've been struggling with a headache and some other assorted head weirdness today and have definitely felt very wobbly! And I thought: ruh roh, I'm supposed to be balanced; is this bad? :)

Perhaps with balance in mind somewhere in my subconscious, I cancelled my class tomorrow morning so I can rest. Tomorrow IS another day!

Reya Mellicker said...

Karen, I thank you for taking care of yourself, and I bet your head thanks you, too!

Pam said...

Funny how some trees definitely feel like a he or she energy. I always felt a large tree in the front yard of a previous residence took the form of a very menacing male sort of physicality, brooding and threatening - my daughter, only very young at the time,expressed the view that it was a "nasty tree,not nice at all".Took me aback a bit. How do you know? I said. "It just is" was the reply.Some trees you'd like to be introduced to. While some trees just don't want to know.
I like your tree!