Thursday, September 15, 2011


David Eagleman would be proud of me for switching up my life rather dramatically as I have recently. I am, at heart, a creature of habit; routines, regularly scheduled events and some degree of predictability are wonderful, soothing, and reassuring. Nevertheless I have lived a life of transformation and re-invention ever since I left my parents' home so long ago, breaking the pattern of my routines over and over again. Sometimes I wonder about myself!

I know people who have lived very stable lives. I look at my sister Hannah who had a wild youth, but then married at a tender age to the man she is still married to, a fabulous person, should say. They've moved house ONCE since they married. They raised two AWESOME children who also grew up to be stable, sane, wonderful. I am in awe of their whole family.

What I want to say about moving my practice into the chateau is that it is better in every way I could imagine, also in ways that wouldn't have occurred to me. The space is more cozy, it's much quieter - even the fact that there is carpet in the room where I work means that when I move the stool around, there's no clanking or banging against a wood floor. The chateau is set back from the street, so traffic sound is muffled. The location is much more convenient to the metro, and kind of snazzy, being on E. Capitol Street. It is professional, below the dentist's office. Some days I ask myself why it took me so long to make this big change.

I had to shake my routine, break a pattern I believed was right since the beginning of my career. It was a BIG change. So far I am enjoying every part of it. I'm certain there will be facets of this way of working that will get on my nerves eventually. I'm human, after all. So far, I'm rather in awe at how well it's working for everyone.

I resist change, mostly, or go kicking and dragging my heels, but it always helps life unfold to the better way. You'd think I would remember that, but somehow I always forget. I am so in love with my routines. For heaven's sake!

There's a car up in that tree!


jeanette from everton terrace said...

The car in the tree is fun :)
I daydream about change, even though I have a very happy life and like it the way it is. I wonder if I do like change because, even though there have been a couple moves, I still live in the city I was born and raised in...Hmmm?
I'm thinking about switching things up a bit in my life and all your positive thoughts about change are swaying me.

Reya Mellicker said...

Excellent, Jeanette. So ... somewhere in beautiful, gorgeous, rural Virginia??

Ptolemy said...

Thanks for that photo! ;-) A success, I think!

Reya Mellicker said...

Good riddance to the scraggles. Onwards and upwards.

Cyndy said...

Hey, how'd that car get up in the tree like that? HaHaHa! Your hair looks fabulous.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

moving my practice... is better in every way I could imagine...


see you in a week! can't wait to see the chateau - i hope to soak up some of the wonderful positive transformative and calm vibes

oh, speaking of change - the sun just came out transforming a rainy, rainy morning into a beautiful fall day. temperature is only in the low 50s but maybe the sun will warm things up a bit..... bingo would be happy for that!

The Pollinatrix said...

This post is yet another confirmation for me of the tectonic shifting that is happening in people's lives all around, including my own. 2012 or bust!

Isn't it amazing how we can just go along in our lives on autopilot and then all of a sudden one day suddenly see things from a new angle and realize a new option? I guess a good metaphor would be that when the fruit is ripe, it simply drops from the tree.

Regarding stability: I feel blessed as a parent that I realized early on that the kind of stability kids need most is not related to their living situation so much as to the kind of relationship they have with their parents. Outwardly, my kids' lives have been very unstable, but because I've taught them to be introspective and integrative by demonstrating those qualities and discussing them, they have a kind of stability that isn't easily shaken by outer circumstances.

Elizabeth said...

Wowsers! yes !
How did it get up there?!

So glad that moving your work to the chateaux is working out well.
As for routine --I'm a slave to it
and about to have my nap

yet I can up and go to a different country where IIMMEDIATELY
organize a different routine.
Love you


ellen abbott said...

Routines are soothing. We don't have to give our actions much thought, we just do. Which is why vacations are so nice because they are not routine.

I'm fairly resistant to change. I mean, c'mon, it took nearly three years for me to move to the country house.

Gemel said...

I often look at people who live stable lives too, I have moved so much in my life that staying in one place for longer than a year or two seems odd, our routines and patterns can be challenging to break, but, when we do move past them, it is then we are set free.

Love the photos ♥

steven said...

reya my game's called "freedom within a framework". find something that works - really works - and then dance your dance and find the limits of the framework. if the frame breaks, and they sometimes do, then move the dance to a new location!! peace! steven

Meri said...

Auto levitation. Hmmm............