Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Gallumph

The dome of the Capitol is always brightly lit, but lately it seems even whiter and brighter than usual. It appears to me almost blue white recently, like the teeth of someone who has used too many creststrips. Check out how the Senate side of the building appears yellow by comparison.

Citizens of Capitol Hill relate directly to the Capitol. It is a reference point, also a boundary between our neighborhood and the national mall. The building is just so damn big you can't ignore it.

Before 9/11 the Capitol was part of the hood. Jake loved running wild on the Capitol grounds. Lots of people walked their dogs on the grounds, hung out. It was very friendly, the mix of locals, people who work there coming and going, and the tourists.

I spent a lot of time in the Capitol rotunda before 9/11. I was a conjurer at the time, perhaps not quite yet a shaman, hence I was always futzing with the swirling vortex of energy at the center of that magnificent room. On a regular basis, I placed crystals at the very center of the floor with the intention of clearing the energy. The four quarters of Washington DC come together at that place. It's where Lincoln lay in state, JFK, too. It is clearly a place of power.

The paintings around the perimeter of the rotunda are portals that seem to lead back in time to pivotal moments in U.S. history. I always felt I could step into them if I ever wanted.

I could write a book about the Apotheosis of Washington, the painting at the top of the dome, a ring of angels and clouds with George Washington gazing down. Wow. Here's a link to the wikipedia page about it.

Needless to say, I love that room, which is why, on August 17, 2001, I met with cohorts to cast a triangle of stillness at the center of the rotunda. The purpose of this casting was to temporarily stop time within the confines of the triangle. It was a harmless piece of street theater that involved three of us standing around the center of the rotunda, visualizing. When we completed the visualization, it felt like the triangle rose slowly into the dome. Very cool.

A few days later, I "saw" a sparkling crystal shape sticking out of the dome. A big ole crystal shape, should say. My cohorts all "saw" something that day, too, though each described it differently. What I saw was a crystalline structure which grew over time until it completely surrounded the dome.

On September 8, suddenly I could no longer "see" the crystal shape. It vanished overnight. I remember the date distinctly.

Three days later was September 11. After that, everything changed.

What is remembered, lives.

People on the steps of the Supreme Court.


ellen abbott said...

No wonder congress is circling the drain Reya without you there to clear the stagnant energy. I know you have a lot of respect for those who work there and I'm sure the little people are doing their best. But. There's been a fundamental change in congress itself. It's no longer a group of people trying to do their best and respecting each other. The group in control now are bent on having their own way no matter what they have to destroy to get it.

janis said...

now that is powerful...

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen, they never have, actually. They say that if John Adams was transported into the future, the only thing he would recognize is Congress. From the founding fathers onwards, the legislative branch is all about bull headedness and a love of conflict.

I've read stories about fist fights breaking out in Congress. I think the worst one occurred somewhere in the 1850s.