Friday, September 9, 2011

A blank slate, my brain that is.

Another day of rain. Grump, complain, whine, etc. 'Nuff said about the weather.

Here's a funny thought that came into my head yesterday: Meatballs are the cupcakes of protein - small, cheerful, almost cute. Meatballs are like tiny meatloafs. Cupcakes are like tiny cakes. Yeah? Also: hush puppies are the cupcakes of corn, like tiny cornbreads.

Clearly there has been plenty of time lately to sit around and think. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow. Let's hope so!

The stump of a tree that came down after all the rain. It's so beautiful and complicated. Wow. That's a fly, that tiny spot close to the bottom of the stump, to the left of center. Can you see it?


jeanette from everton terrace said...

My daughter adores meatballs. I'm sure you know I do not. I do adore trees. Trees seem like an amazing life force to me. They provide us with oxygen to breath, shade to cool, food to eat and timber to build our homes. I simply love them. Okay, maybe not my neighbors pine tree that drop millions of needles in my yard, but all other trees :)

The Bug said...

You've just created my ideal bento box meal right there! MMMM

Cyndy said...

While I was in the shower the rain almost sort of went away. It's practically sunny out there! My driveway is almost dry. I must be hallucinating.

Muscari looks like tiny liriope. That's all I can come up with. I love hushpuppies and I like Swedish meatballs.

Washington Cube said...

I showed a friend this picture, and he said, "The fly is standing on 1987."

Reya Mellicker said...

That is so cool - the fly is standing on 1987? Seriously?

Dana - ha - the "cute" bento box, eh?

Jeanette, I'm tellin ya, mother nature is a slob.

Cyndy YES YES YES. I walked around for awhile tonight after work, taking pictures of the sky as if I'd never seen it before. Miraculous!

Meri said...

Interesting use of your time, cultivating these particular thoughts.

Reya Mellicker said...

Interesting WASTE of my time, if you ask me, Meri. For heaven's sake!

Kerry said...

Finally, somebody out there gives me the opportunity to state what I have thought since I was 5 years old:

Brussel sprouts are tiny cabbages.

And yep, I think that might really be 1987 or so. Isn't it something how trees keep a little diary of themselves?

Steve Reed said...

Cupcakes of meat? Bleah! :)

steven said...

it's funny what's there - in the mind - in the meptiness when it's especially not interested in being clever or cool or informative or whatever. i think i know your pain!!
i'll take cupcakes any time. actually i made two dozen for my class yesterday when i think about it!
i was wishing it would rain last night.
the tree stump picture is so beautiful - i love the stuff down in the bottom left of the picture.

Pam said...

The first thought that hits me with your wonderful photo of the sectioned tree stump rings is an analogy with our own ancestral ties and history. Waves of our ancestral lines through time,that eventually culminate in our being.
I'm big on the ancestors. I think they influence us more than we know.