Saturday, September 3, 2011


I complain sometimes, I've been known to grouse, bitch, winge, whine. Who knows how many years I've spent feeling sorry for myself (not consecutively, but if you lumped all the pity parties of my 58 years into one chunk of time)? It's a bit daunting to think about.

Right now I can't imagine any of those emotional states. It's a quiet, overcast morning in Washington DC. I'm stretched out on my couch, gazing at the gray sky through the window, writing this post, drinking coffee, enjoying a long morning of leisure before I begin working this afternoon. It's luxurious and I'm feeling grateful. Right now, 8:30 on Saturday, Labor Day weekend, is a perfect moment. I appreciate this moment, I do.

You know what they say about how life is the journey, not the destination? I think that's right, life plays out in the moments. Seize the moment, appreciate it, notice and inhabit the great moments fully, yes? Because they pass, as do all things. The complete history of any person is a jumble - chaotic, layered, tangled, impenetrable. But moments are crystal clear.

Which is why I've been thinking I'm not so sure about the big picture. What does that mean, anyway? If you want to get really big picture, the story of a human life is: you're born, you live, then die.

So what? It's the subway train pulling into the station just as you arrive on the platform, it's the pie coming out of the oven, looking perfect, a butterfly who decides to land on your shoulder. A kiss, a particular conversation or dinner - this is what makes life juicy, right? I've heard people say the Devil in the details. Really? That doesn't sound right. Life is in the details, oh yeah. Moments.

Looking forward to many nice moments over this long, relaxed, peaceful weekend in DC. After Labor Day, all hell breaks loose in this overamped city. I'm going to enjoy this moment before all that, I am enjoying it. Happy Saturday, y'all.


ellen abbott said...

oh yes, it's all about the details. happy day!

Steve Reed said...

Bravo! I couldn't agree more! So many people are obsessed with having a grand achievement, something that defines them or that they can "leave behind." I just want to enjoy my life -- every minute of it! When I'm gone, I'm gone!

Meri said...

Yes, it's moments that give life pizzazz. Like looking out my window and seeing a hummingbird hover, dip, and then go vertical. Looking at just the right place in the night sky when a meteor streaks across. Making waffles. The list is seemingly endless.

steven said...

reya - my own words say that there's always an abundance of grey scale buzz available and it's like the tarmac under the wheels of my bicycle and i am the colour, the music, the story that gives the grey scale buzz purpose. i am the moment! we are the moment! you are the moment! steven

Pauline said...

Stretched out on the sofa, coffee in hand - sounds good to me. I've always thought the expression, "the devil is in the details" meant small things in one's plans can be sometimes overlooked and then cause problems down the road but I also agree life is in the details. Perhaps one cannot separate the good and bad in a moment but simply must go with one or the other. So, like you, I choose joy :)

Angela said...

I used to wish for "great achievements", too, but have become much more humble. It`s the little things that count. Don`t let opportunities pass to be kind and considerate. They grow in the person who receives the cookie. I felt it happen in me.