Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Essence of Oh Yeah

It could be downright unnerving to re-examine my baseline assumptions, as I have been recently. Certainly, as a creature of habit, I love to dig in my heels. Yeah. I tend to congeal around points of view for various reasons, such as if I think a certain outlook or position is "fair" or "good." I can get so entrenched in my opinions that over time they become, in my mind, unassailable, like laws of nature. For heaven's sake. But sometimes it's a relief to lift the grid of my "truths," have a peek at what's underneath them. This is my current experience: moments of Ah-ha! followed by relief.

The shedding of my ossified world view began at the end of last month when my dear houseguests held a mirror up, offered me alternative thoughts about situations and friendships, ideas I had never even considered. Wow. Ever since then, Hagalaz has appeared regularly in my morning divinations, helping me continue to pierce through old, rigid thought patterns. Even my opinion about that rune has changed. I used to throw it back in the bag, now I respectfully accept its presence.

Yesterday when I pulled Hagalaz yet again, I heard the words, "Be the hailstone." Later, as I was meditating, I heard, "Be a gentle hailstone." Now that's something, eh? A gentle hailstone. I'm intrigued with the idea since hail is usually not something I associate with gentleness. I love the paradox, and too, my recent experience of being pelted with hail externally as well as within my own mind, has not been harsh, but revelatory. Layers and veils have been pulled away from my eyes, revealing some uncomfortable truths, but have also, in many ways, set my world straight again.

Yesterday I was a gentle hailstone, speaking newly realized truths to a number of people. My hope is that I said what I needed to with light-hearted respect. That was my intention.

The older I get, the more I realize how deeply I love the people who are important to me. I can be very codependent, I can support others in clearly unhealthy behaviors because it feels, sometimes, like unconditional love. What I'm working with this week, as a gentle hailstone, is being brave enough to say what I see, with love and kindness.

The people who are important to me are getting a piece of my mind these days, but not with rancor or anger, nope, nor am I hoping that they'll see things my way. I'm simply telling the truth. It's not the easiest thing to do, sometimes, but it feels right. Thanks, Hagalaz. Really: thanks.


Liza Ursu said...

The 2nd picture portrays (to me) 2 pillars and the veil. Reya, that is so awesome!!!
A gentle hailstone. I love that.
Thanks for this post Reya & Hagalaz.

linda said...

I love this post Reya. I'm a firm believer in light hearted respect. It's not always what you say, but how you say it. It's a very tricky thing to offer a different perspective without hurting or offending someone's feelings.

If I remember correctly, you pulled that Hagalaz rune during our visit. It was like it 'burned' your hand, you threw it back so quickly. Dare I say, it freaked you out?

Life truly is a journey and I find it so much more interesting to hear, learn and seek many different ideas. Keeps doors open that I might never have the opportunity to walk through because I'm fearful.

The best thing though? Open hearts and minds can lead to some of the most beautiful relationships and friendships.

Have a beautiful day my friend.

steven said...

reya - a gentle hailstone; passes through the atmosphere accumulating presence and after landing on the earth, melts.
runes: this morning i woke and in the course of expressing my gratitude for another day, i thanked my father for the gifts he left, (material and otherwise) many of which remain unopened. with the grace of the gift of your affirmation of a week or so ago i pulled gently on the thread containing his runes inside a pale yellow leather bag. from inside the bag the rune alsaz came out. my father smiled a lot in the last few years of his bodies' life. i thanked him again and now i'm returning to my work. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh! The high priestess! The pool is across the street from the Department of the Interior, which is reflected on the left side of the pic.

Reya Mellicker said...

What that rune says to me, Steven, is listen to the voice of the allfather, listen to the voice of God. So how perfect that this is the rune that presented itself to you!

Linda, THANK YOU for your beautiful, thoughtful comment. I've gone somewhat beyond trying not to hurt or offend which so quickly becomes codependence for me. I've tried simply saying what is my experience, what I perceive, and what is or isn't possible for me. It's very open ended. So interesting!

Reya Mellicker said...

Linda, yes I pulled Hagalaz the day I received the psychic download about herbs. Threw it back like a hot potato, but then I pulled it again, remember?

ellen abbott said...

yes, speaking the truth. I wrote about that in my post on friendship. It hasn't always worked out well for me (though perhaps it was in my matter-of-fact delivery. or at least I thought it hadn't but perhaps it did since those that walked away maybe weren't healthy for me to have in my life.

Linda said...

Sometimes I need a gentle hailstone to bop me on the head.... and I would say, "Oh yeah..." and light would instantly dawn. If life is a journey, yours is a rich and ancient adventure mingling all things Reya. I wish you joy, lovely lady. =D