Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been dreaming hard lately, have you? All the dreams have had different settings and different moods, but they are all about getting from Point A to Point B. I'm trying to figure something out at a very deep level, clearly. In my dreams I am driving around in big station wagons, or searching for my rental car in a parking garage, or just walking around. Last night my friend Linda and I (in the dream) were descending from the top of a very tall mountain which was also my old neighborhood of Bernal Heights in San Francisco, in search of a cafe. We walked through clouds, across snowy fields, climbed down steep, rocky trails, traversed a labrythine maze of streets. Never did find a cafe in the dream, though.

Even in waking life, I'm wandering a lot these days. Yesterday I walked for hours all around the District of Columbia. Usually I walk until I get tired or run out of time, then find a Metro station and head back to the Hill. Yesterday I lapsed into an altered consciousness, no doubt related to the gloriously perfect weather, birdsong, dogwood blossoms and bright green baby leaves bursting open everywhere. The blue sky and perfect temperature, the fact that Brother Wind was nowhere to be seen - well - I got high on all that color and perfection.

When I walk, there is almost always a rhythm: wander, take pics, then periodically stop, take a break, drink iced tea while sitting, watching people and such. Yesterday I was not interested in stopping, not even once, to seek refreshment. I walked and walked and walked. It was actually a bit disorienting, but in a very euphoric way. Almost everything about my walk yesterday was dream-like.

The good part is, I have at least a million pictures. OK, maybe not that many. A lot, though. The silly piece is: I have a little bit of a sunburn. I should have remembered how strong the sun is at this time of year. The bad part is that I wore crappy shoes because I wanted to show off my newly pedicured toes. Dumb.

Today it's life as usual: clients, music and dinner with a friend. Yesterday was fantastic, but it's good to come back to what I think of as reality. I'm wondering: was yesterday's unusual walk rhythm connected in some way to my recent dream quests? Was I trying (unconsciously) to work through something? Did I succeed? I have no idea. Do you?


Elizabeth said...

Yeah for dogwood.
Yes walking and dreaming are altogether an excellent way of tapping into good things.
Had to fall about laughing yesterday
the TV had a 'new' WOW (Walk off Weight) Diet with accompanying book.
They said that if you walk and limit your calorie intake you will lose weight.
Who knew?!!!!!
Hee hee
Happy walking and looking and weekending.

ellen abbott said...

first, why are the toes so smooth on that bronze sculpture?

I have not noticed my dreams lately but I have been feeling some pressure lately. no deadlines or anything looming, just a feeling of something impending.

Reya Mellicker said...

YES something impending. I feel it, too, Ellen.

Rocket science, Elizabeth, eh? For heaven's sake.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yes, my dreams have been so vibrant lately - i didn't want this morning's dream to end!

this is the time of year where wandering is a much to take in...thanks for sharing some snaps of your recent wanders - spring and color is so much further along there, but finally i think we've turned the corner here on the north coast!

ouch sunburn feet....

Jo said...

It sounds as if your unconscious mind was using walking as a tool to sort things out without you knowing it, much like your dreams. I suspect you'll have some answers soon.

For me, activities like sweeping and polishing have the same effect. Whenever I'm pondering something I find myself sweep, sweep, sweeping, or polishing windows or mirrors or furniture...anything with a rhythmic motion to it.

I noticed the smooth toes on the sculpture, too...I think people (foot fetishers?) rub the toes as they pass by.

Whitney Lee said...

I've had crazy vivid dreams this week. Maybe that's why I've been sleeping so much...I keep having those dreams where you wake up for a moment, think about getting up and then slip back into the same dream. I even had a dream the other night in which me and my family (hubby and kids) were in your usual bar. You were at the end of the bar with your camera. Very strange. The common theme in my dreams this week has been searching; I seem to be looking for some particular place or thing...

steven said...

reya, i've begun each day of this week with the sense of something impending. the sense fades into a sort of sadness and then the day unfolds, clouding over or perhaps even containing whatever is trying to be said or even trying to become. my rides to work have been frantic and edgy and the rides home have been calm and sure. hard work but soothing. the evening's have been kind but i am lost to my dreams right now. none of my dreams have left me any notes. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Who knows what kind of energy we're grooming, but we are working with it, that's what matters.

Whitney, you were at the Matchbox? How fun!

Jo I LOVE cleaning, sweeping, polishing. So meditative.

Tom said...

happy Emancipation Day!

Meri said...

I suspect by going into altered consciousness (which the rhythm of walking does so well), you were getting downloads that will further your questioning, your getting from here to there.

Reya Mellicker said...

Meri, I hope you're right!

Thanks, Tom!!

Janelle said...

beautiful pics as always reya..i always dream a lot...lately i've been crying a LOT in every single dream...what does that mean?? gad. x j

Linda said...

Reya......... pink blossoms, pink flowers, pink nails, pink skin...... you are definitely in the pink!!! =D
The seasons they are a-changing. Spring brings changes. The wait for summer with it's predictable heat is interrupted by the cold wind chills of April and the cold rain. The tilt of the earth will not be complete until June. The sun is shifting, the moon is always shifting, the winds are shifting, so is the temperature. It's difficult to feel settled in the springtime.
Japan is exploding all over the earth. Climate change is happening. There is war and unrest in the middle east. You feel unsettled. I think the hard part of living these days is to actually feel settled. Restless times are upon us. Pink helps to keep you centered. It's a warm color popular during our childhoods. Remember the Marty Robbins song, The Wayward Wind? I'm remembering that now. Peace.

Reya Mellicker said...

Linda, you are brilliant!! I wrote today's post, then found this comment. Wow. Thank you!