Sunday, April 17, 2011


What a storm last night, wow. For awhile around sunset, there was actually a tornado warning somewhere close, a rotating cloud was headed towards DC from NoVa. The wind was blowing from every direction at once, it seemed. Sometimes rain fell in sheets, other times it was "just" raining. The lightning and thunder did not seem in any way connected to each other. I'm telling you, everything about the storm was completely chaotic.

Every storm has its own personality. Last night's storm was giddy, goofy. It staggered around like a drunk, made me laugh even as my umbrella turned inside out a couple of times. I was laughing before I found out about the tornado warning, should say. Probably it would have been best to avoid being out there at all, but following a full day of work, I headed straightaway, as if by instinct, for my port in a storm: the Matchbox Bar. I met a friend, laughed loudly and drank toasts to the god of thunder. It was jolly.

But then last night I dreamed - again - I was searching for my car, this time in a gleaming white marble resort. The car, too, was white, a classic old car from the early 1950's. I had to find the car because my sister wasn't feeling well and I needed to drive her home. Staircases lead us to the roof of the resort after which we had to walk through the apartment of some guy who owned dozens of cats in order to re-locate the parking garage. My sister's eyes looked cloudy; I really wanted to get her home to rest. But I never found the car.

Maybe after the full moon turns today, this dream theme will fade. I really hope so. I was so SURE that the storm last night would break the energy. When will I learn that nothing is ever for sure?


Jo said...

Wow, what a dream! Next time, may I suggest valet parking?

(um, I'm smiling as I'm thinking about someone with these descriptive words..."gleaming, classic, 'from the "early '50's', white")Yeah, and resorts often have spas in them, too, yes?

Methinks Terra Nova calls (named perfectly by your horoscope)

ellen abbott said...

I wish we'd get a big ole freakin' storm. (did I say that out loud?) rain. rain is what I want.

Jo said...

Oh, and I love the new Tarot!

steven said...

the wind rattled and shook the windows and doors like an old drunk lost and trying to get inside. this morning he's still around and firing ice pellets and snow and rain every which way. the birds are making short journeys. canada geese were flying south. maybe they figured they'd head back for more vitamin d! the ice queen, brother sun and mother earth are having a real time of it sorting out the changes. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

They really are! It's a tumultuous spring.

Jo - valet parking?? Ha. Love it. NoVa, in this part of the world, refers to northern Virginia, so I'll have to come up with a different name for my business. I'm unwilling to be associated with the Commonwealth.

The more I think on this dream, the more it comes to me that it took place in the inbetween lives space. A gleaming white marble resort sounds a whole lot like heaven to me.

Deborah said...

I just caught up with you a bit today. Things have been so beautiful, poignant, emotional--I've been seriously drained and invigorated almost simultaneously. I wish I could sleep for more than four hours at a time--even four hours seems a luxury. Maybe, I am just overwhelmed. . . love you so very much.

Reya Mellicker said...

Deborah I hope you had very sweet dreams and a good sleep last night.