Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Intelligent Design

"Squirrel cam" is a term someone on Facebook came up with to describe the pics I take by placing the camera on or near the ground. Love that. Squirrel cam. Yeah.

I believe in the theory of evolution, definitely, oh yes I surely do! Fundamentalism of any type makes no sense to me, in particular (for the purposes of this post) a literal belief in contemporary translations of the Judeo-Christian bible. It kind of pisses me off that the term "Intelligent Design" was co-opted by fundamentalists, because it's such a cool phrase. It describes the beautiful way that everything is interconnected, and how life unfolds cinematically, mythically, almost never predictably. Goodness (as Steven would say), wisdom, insight and happiness are always available, even when we can't access these things.

My spirit guides are correct when they say I'm lucky to know my soul's purpose in this lifetime. Knowing that I am a healer (a lot of other things, too, but healer first and foremost) helps me connect the dots when I reflect upon the storyline of my life so far. I see how my purpose has unfolded - so intelligently! Even as a child I had the talent. As a little girl my mother said I knew when she didn't feel well. I would look concerned, place my hand on her forehead when she had a headache for instance. This talent of mine kind of creeped her out, I should say. But talent is never enough; it must be developed.

Like any shaman, I was miserable as a child and young adult. We are such perfect beings, we humans, that we need to get banged up a bit in order to perceive the subtle energies, or so they say in every story about shamanism I've ever seen. During my 30's and 40's I spent much of my time healing from all that childhood awfulness. Ten years of psychotherapy, plus all kinds of "alternative" healing, helped me close the wounds. Then I was guided to train as a witch - something that was so of the moment during the heyday of wicca in the 80's and 90's. The studying I did during those years was empowering. I developed some serious chops during that time, gathered many tools of the art. I also became a bodyworker during those years, hence was able to begin practicing healing.

Beginning to learn how to heal with plants and herbs is an intelligent next step in the trajectory of my soul's purpose, a logical refinement of the work I already do. I was not ready to take it on earlier in life. But - did I know all of this consciously? Of course not!

My personal evolution is guided by an intelligence far higher and wiser than anything of which I am consciously aware. Oh yeah. Some days, like today, I am utterly in awe - also very grateful that there is a guiding wisdom and intelligence, because if I were in charge of the world, or even completely in charge of my own life - holy cow - what a boring mess it would all be.

Yes? I say yes. Happy Tuesday. Shalom.


The Pollinatrix said...

A succinctly put, totally inspiring post! It's pretty amazing that you managed to get all this into such a perfect nutshell.

Reya Mellicker said...

I thought the post was too long. Ha! Thanks!

ellen abbott said...

a beautiful post Reya. wish I kew what my purpose was. sometimes I feel like I'm just running behind sweeping up the mess.

Pauline said...

Reya - you might enjoy this:


Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Pauline!

Ellen your soul's purpose is to channel beauty, to find the flow of beauty and bring it into manifestation. You do this in your work with glass, your gardening, with animals and grandchildren, on the river. You channel beauty. It's a no brainer.

lines n shades said...

a wonderful package of inspiration and beauty ( i adore the first pic) :)

Angela said...

I wish I had known my life`s purpose earlier, much earlier. But as you say, first we have to heal of our wounds. Because I so wished for an adult to answer my questions and tell me I was all right and not queer when I was little, I think I am so much friends with children today. I am trying to be the one I once needed.

Karen said...

I'm enjoying catching up on the last few days! And enjoyed this post very much.

Your thoughts about not being in charge, and that being a good thing, remind me of a revelation I had while I was pregnant. I realized that my BODY knew what it was doing even though I was not "in control" of the process of making this new human (in the usual ways I was, or at least felt, in control of my life). I could not think my way through how to make an eyebrow, but my body could, and was doing that, maybe even at that moment! I was not in charge of the process, and that was a good thing because my body knew better than I did. What a wonderful lesson!

So glad to read that you're taking some time to integrate your recent revelations. Excellent.

Teri said...

I think that there is such a commonality in what I read in other's blogs. And it doesn't happen just once or twice but all the time. Today, you post about intelligent design and what our purpose in life is or shall be. I attend Unity Church, a church that blatantly says "you can have it your way" as far as what you believe or bring there. This is great for me because I cannot believe in fundamentalist stuff either. But, the amazing thing is that the lesson for the day was "A Man of a Mission" and it talked about things that Jesus did during his lifetime, since we are so close to Easter and what is celebrated by many. It also put into perspective Martin Luther King's message too. At the end of the lesson, there was a section that was titled: Discovering your mission and purpose. I always am blown away at the things I am lead to...blogs, lessons in life, etc...that have the same thread running through them. No accident, for sure. Thanks for a great post.

Reya Mellicker said...

Teri - wow! How cool. I believe the voice of God comes through in so many different ways. All I have to do is pay attention - though - that can be really hard sometimes. I love Easter. I'm taking the day off this year to go to church and brunch with a friend. Death and rebirth? Oh yeah.

Karen - YES. Corporeal intelligence is a mighty and awesome thing. Oh yeah. How DOES one make an eyebrow? Don't ask my ego!!

Thanks Line and oh Angela, You are - just as your name - an angel. You are. Believe me.

Tess Kincaid said...

The fundamentalist stuff almost made me coo-coo. Lovely post, Reya.

steven said...

reya, the creation so wishes us to know goodness, and love that it makes it entirely available to us. but the piece of this post that absolutely rocks me is your knowing that it takes a fair bit of getting knocked and banged around to sensitize us to the portals, the access points, the means by which goodness and love become available to us and especially how we then become portals, access points and the means for sharing goodness and love ourselves. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Tess: yes. coo coo.

Steven: yes. Yeah.

Oh yeah.