Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's the journey, not the destination??

In last night's dream, the vehicles I had to contend with were bicycles that had been dropped off a bridge or perhaps run over by a tour bus. In the dream, the anonymous dream people and I were trying to straighten the bike frames though we possessed only one pair of pliers among all of us. I kept saying, "Let's just walk," but of course the anonymous dream people did not listen. They never do, at least in my dreams.

The theme of how to get from Point A to Point B is so much a part of my dreamscape these days that I became lucid in last night's dream, just for a second. I said to someone I recognized (but now do not remember who it was) "I need to remember everything about this dream." In response, the person handed me a beautiful cobalt blue stapler, and nodded sagely.

Well, it made sense in the dream, but now I'm wondering how a blue stapler could help me remember ... though, I do remember the dream in great detail. So - go figure.

Until I have to go to work this morning, I'll be praying about this series of vehicular dreams. What am I trying to work out? I know there's something I'm supposed to be learning, but as usual, my conscious mind is the last to know. Ideas? Theories?


Reya Mellicker said...

My friend Linda Fraser left a great comment on yesterday's post about what's going on with me. Think pink, she suggests. I am SO there! Thanks, Linda!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Hope you sort out your dream. I know I always have a terrible time trying to figure out some of mine.

steven said...

reya, i thought about your dream.
there's a sense of something big and unwieldy in a coach running over the more intimate features of a bike. so i'll state the obvious: being aware of the apparently big machinations of the "world" compared to the apparently small machinations of our own little "world" is unseating.
how to manage this? i say within what is available to you or could be made available to you, look at what is possible and what is necessary. as steven, i say, i need to provide possibilities and that is achievable in a very profound way if i remove the notion of scale and look at acts of quality as extrinsic to substance. they have no scale. i am and i do and in being and doing, i affect others, who in turn affect others, and this is the simple and elegant way in which ecologies work. for example reya: reflect onthe simple act of upping your post every day. your reader's experiences are coloured by seeing and reading and thinking and feeling. this affects their presence which affects their interactions with others and so on. each post changes the whole. it brings the whole notion of responsibility and thoughtfulness closer to the centre of your actions doesn't it!
the exit: i cannot change the weather, i cannot change world politics, i cannot reduce the impact of the decisions of big money on the people down the street. however, to effect possibilities that are world-changing, shifting your perception from scaled events and experiences to qualitative events and experiences brings back the idea of your "place" in the topography of your presence. really be who you are. it changes everything. but you know that!!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Maybe I know that, but I needed to hear all of this. Thank you so much Steven! Thanks for the blue stapler! Thank you so much!!!!

Rebecca Clayton said...

"Let's just walk." It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you! I'm glad you used the beautiful stapler to fasten the dream to your memory.

Cyndy said...

I think Steven is right, not that I would have thought of all that! But it seems like that is exactly what your dream might have been about.

He is definitely right about the impact of your daily postings. Those little pieces of yourself that you put out there every day - all those thoughts about where you fit and where you think you might be heading and the different visual points of view via your photos - we all learn something about ourselves as we relate to what you've written. So that means it's small and big at the same time.

Jinksy said...

Walking means one step at a time - crashing coach and mangled bikes could be too eager reach their destination? Slow and steady wins the race...

Linda Sue said...

This is so curious, and interesting Reya. Why is it that our dreams evaporate so quickly upon waking...unless they are particularly meaningful to our own making sense of this and that- The Stuff that aids our understanding and acceptance of this puzzlement.
Of course your's would take the shape of a vehicle, having nearly been nailed a few months ago...It is an important symbol to you- and for good reason- the vehicle. The Reya that you ride around in- the body that will be taking you through the stuff you need to get through- Poland, perhaps?
What Steven said- especially re: scale- spot on!

Jo said...

I think Linda and Steven are brilliant. Also the rest of your thoughtful readership...these comments are amazing.

The fact that the blue stapler was SO beautiful and blue seems significant to me.

A quick Google search led to this:

"Blue symbolism associates blue with freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies are emblematic of optimism and better opportunities. Blue is the color of loyalty and faith. Blue is power. Blue is also the color of protection. Blue symbolism is nearly universal in meaning. As a result, blue is used in national flags and symbols around the world, including the flag of the United Nations."

I also find it interesting that it (an appearance of strong bright blue) comes in conjunction with all the pink. Pink and blue...symbolizing female and male (at least in our culture. You may be working on balancing the yin/yang energy within you.

Fascinating posts, Reya...keep us updated, yes?

Jo said...

btw, your photos are SO apropo.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow what incredible comments. Oh yeah, the stapler attached the dream to my memory, so perfect.

cobalt blue is close to indigo which is the color of the 5th chakra, the place of insight, thought and memory.

D U H !!!

Also love the ideas about blue/pink - thanks Jo. There were puppies and kittens in the dream as well, newborns are associated with pink and blue

Jinxy my sister has been saying the same thing to me about my dreams: GO SLOw. Thank you!

Thank you all!