Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heart Connections

We homo sapiens are social animals, we are. I believe that it's part of the survival instinct to band together with others. Yep, it's quintescentially human to identify strongly with family, clan, kin, brotherhoods, sisterships. It's who we have always been. The instinct to gather and identify as family is deep within us.

Gathering with clan is a good thing, even for me, the introvert of introverts. When I'm with my people, I feel safe. I'm happy, I don't obsess. I laugh, sleep soundly. I actually RELAX. Yeah, it's a good thing.

Because I'm an introvert, it's also a happy moment when I find myself without company, nestled into the peace and quiet of the chateau. This is where I find myself this morning just after the departure of my last houseguest. I'm going to work in a little while but tonight I will NOT be at the Matchbox bar or drinking chocolate martinis at Zest, or having fish tacos at the Argo. Tonight I will begin to integrate the many gifts that were the result of proximity with a couple of my gypsy sisters. I am rich in revelations, insights, and realizations.

Feeling tremendous gratitude for the beautiful mojo that arises when I gather with clan, equally grateful that I'll now have some space to sit with all that went down. All I can say is: WOW

It was a great week. Shabat Shalom.

Susan of the blog The Pollinatrix calls this "the Clan of the Bespectacled."


The Pollinatrix said...

The Clan of the Bespectacled!

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah!!

Dan Gurney said...

That's a cute photo! It looks like you all had a great gathering. Warm smiles, yes, and spectaclesular.

linda said...

That picture makes me smile! What a grand evening we had!
Much love sister of my heart!

Reya Mellicker said...

Back at you, my gorgeous sister of the Clan of the Bespectactacled!

steven said...

what spectacular and joyous energy!!! steven

Kerry said...

The best of both worlds: time with your clan, then time to yourself. ahhhhhhh.

Fish tacos sound good right now.

Val said...

wonderful - no SPECTACULAR - what a great pic . cant wait to hear about the downloading incident, if we can

Jo said...

Few people will be able to understand just how incredible and perfect our time together was.

Heaven knows you've earned your quiet time!

Revel in it, my dear sister friend. Because you KNOW we'll return. ♥