Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Birthday of Summer

Sex, as they harshly call it
I fell into this morning
at ten o'clock, a drizzling hour
of traffic and wet newspapers.
I thought of him who yesterday
clearly didn't
turn me to a hot field
ready for plowing,
and longing for that young man
pierced me to the roots
bathing every vein, etc.
All day he appears to me
touchingly desireable,
a prize one could wreck one's peace for.
I'd call it love if love
Didn't take so many years
but lust too is a jewel
a sweet flower and what
pure happiness to know
all our high-toned questions
breed in a lively animal.

--Adrienne Rich

Yeah. I love that last bit about lust as a jewel, and how happy it is that our high-toned questions breed in a lively animal. Fabulous.

It's Beltaine, y'all. Engage with earthy pleasures today. I'll be at work but all the rest of you? Dance around a maypole, make love, eat something delicious, yes? I say yes.


steven said...

light a fire! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Well ... I'll be at work. Wish I was out cavorting in the meadows or in a clearing in the forest, leaping over a Beltaine fire.


steven said...

reya you know there are all sorts of fires!! you'll light more than one today - guaranteed! steven

janis said...

well that stirred me up!

ellen abbott said...

yes, let's celebrate the sensual desires.

Vicki said...

Happy May Day my friend!!!

Jo said...

Steven's comments are perfect! (of course)

I love the word, 'cavorting.'

I shall do my best to accomplish all your suggested activities today, adding 'cavorting' to the list, of course.

(LOL...the May Pole is the only one in question right now!)

Enjoy your day, Reya...Happy Birthday, Summer!

Jo said...

I'm loving the Empress card you pulled today!

Kerry said...

I had to look up "Beltaine" :) and realized that this holiday features in a couple of historical novels that I have read. May Day. A festival of optimism: hurray for that!
Love the poem.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven thank you for making me smile. I did not light any fires today but I did some good work with clients who were very much in need.

It was a good day. Not, perhaps a carefree, fun Beltaine, but it was good.


Jo I didn't pull the Empress or any of the cards I've been featuring. I'm trying to match the tarot trump to the mood of the post ... I wonder if it's working? Hmmmm

Whitney Lee said...

What a great poem. I spent my day with friends, celebrating the entrance into a new decade in my life. We had an hours long lunch at a fondue place. We feasted and cavorted and laughed and celebrated. How appropriate.