Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Neither here nor there

I'm definitely in the midst of a shamanic journey of some sort on some level. Sometimes when I'm swaying back and forth, when I'm watching breath, body, connection, etc., I assume I'm just being a nut case because ... well ... I AM kind of a nut case. This week, I'm more inclined to believe that something is coming through, or that, as is my habit as a shaman, I am "traveling" - you know, not physically exactly, though I am physically impacted by what is ongoing.

I can't imagine a more grammatically heinous sentence than that last one. Please excuse me, Annie, if you're reading this.

Obviously, words are not coming easily to me this week. I feel like I'm having to squeeze hard to put two words together, a very very rare experience! Also I'm not connected to my usually hearty appetite, which is not a bad thing since I tend to overdo it in that department. Last night while gazing at the handsome face of a friend, I drank several shots of Irish whiskey but was only slightly high by the end of the evening. Ordinarily I'd be on the floor. It was almost like a chemistry experiment. I kept thinking, "Why am I not high?" It was so weird! This morning: no hangover. It's like I wasn't present enough in consensual reality to either get drunk or suffer the usual remorseful morning after.

It's OK to be slightly discombobulated; I'm content to wait patiently for whatever is happening to find its way to a conclusion, after which I expect my consciousness will be flooded with a new theory or story or who knows what. In the meantime I'll walk around, take pictures, do a lot of ohmming. Shamanic voyaging is such an interesting phenomenon. Once upon a time I found this kind of experience alarming, but I'm feeling happy right now. Go figure.

Tra-la-la. Onwards and upwards.


ellen abbott said...

head in the clouds, feet on the ground?

Reya Mellicker said...

I guess.

The Bug said...

Boy this reminds me of how I've felt this week - but my "excuse" is cold medicine. It just knocks me for a loop. Yesterday I told Mike that I couldn't even feel my hip I was so disconnected from my body. Perhaps I shouldn't have been driving myself to work, hmmm?

I say enjoy the discombobulation - and then be ready for what comes next.

cs said...

I'm about the opposite re: alcohol these days...more than three beers and I feel muddled the next day.

Jo said...

Spring fever?

Does that affect one's grammar, usage, and ability to focus?

You betcha!

Wandering around and feeling happy sounds like just the prescription for the fever! Enjoy yourself (and the Irish whiskey) unaplogetically for the duration!

Reya Mellicker said...

Countersignature!! Wow! How cool to "see" you. I've just been to your blog. It's wonderful to partake of your insights and intelligence.

Bug - so - it's not just me! That's cool. I'm sorry you have a cold but really glad your hip isn't hurting.

Jo: many many many tiny hearts.

Reya Mellicker said...

Believe me, cs, I can not drink whiskey all night under ordinary conditions, unless I'm willing to be scraped off the floor and have days to recover.

What a weird week.

Reya Mellicker said...
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