Saturday, May 7, 2011


That's the Library of Congress in the background, a building FULL of overthinkers. Yeah!

I've been overthinking lately, a condition I'm prone to. Now don't shake your fingers at me - there are a bunch of you out there who have the same inclination. You know who you are!

Of course I love to think, I take pleasure in it. But too much cerebral activity tends to turn in on itself; my thoughts can get so distorted from overworking them that I don't know what is what anymore. The echoes inside my skull, after awhile, become deafening and impossible to decipher. You know what I'm talking about - right? Whew!!

It's a beautiful day in Washington DC, and as it turns out my work schedule is very light. My plan for the day includes looking at plants (since I've become severely addicted to gardening), hanging out at Eastern Market, cooking something good for dinner tonight. I'm going to do a lot of breathing and Ohmmmming today in an effort to keep my brain from overheating.

Wish me well, please? Thank you!


Merle Sneed said...

Let me be the first to wish you well, today and everyday.

Jo said...

First of all, have fun today...wish I were at the Eastern Market with you!

Also...the photos are fabulous!! Also, good luck with that overthinking thing. Also, when I first read that last sentence (or next to the last?) I thought you were breathing in an effort to keep your brain from overEATING. Dang...thought you were onto something for a minute! Ha!

steven said...

reya you'll run smack dab into fun on the corner just as it's running 'round the corner to find you. i just wrote a piece about the responsibility of thinking as something handed on through the generations and how it feels like i've got to unpack the progress so far and that's why i have to think so much... unravelling and tying up loose threads, working on the painting, playing the next note. how did i figure that was my responsibility? so far as i know, my kids have no interest in carrying this piece on . . . . . hmmmmmm! let it all flow reya! steven

ellen abbott said...

looking at plants and hanging out at the market? sounds like a perfect day.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven I love being on a wavelength with you! Thank god you're doing your job thinking and thinking, passing it on. Perhaps in your kids it just hasn't yet developed.

Jo my brain definitely overeats at all times. TMI overload! Ha.

Merle, to you as well!

Ellen? Oh yeah.

C.M. Jackson said...

hope you have a wonderful day--activity is the best thing to get an overworking mind back on track--I know... mine works 24/7 and it always amazes me where it goes if I allow it to get too revved up or overheated..not pretty or productive--so ohmmmm, smell the flowers and enjoy the sun and have a lovely dinner--I am going to the same tomorrow when I take my mom to NYBG;-) cheers!! c

Reya Mellicker said...


Tom said...

stick your head in a pail of ice water...that might work... i spent a couple hours looking at plants yesterday, left empty handed and drooling...the gardening bug is starting to get under my skin, now that spring is sprung

Elizabeth said...

Peace, Reya.
Well, I'm so glad you are into plant therapy
as practiced by old English ladies ( and witches) since the dawn of time


linda said...

Interesting you mention gardening and overthinking in the same post.

I find that gardening actually helps me to think, or at least that's when I seem to do my best musing.

Gardening calms and soothes me. Great therapy.

Enjoy your day!