Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kali Yuga

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. --Jalal ad-Din Rumi

I've been hearing that allegedly the Rapture is about to happen - on May 21 or so they say. I wonder if there's anyone who looks at this blog who believes that. I wonder if there's anyone I know in any of my circles who believes it.

Don't get me wrong: I am VERY superstitious, extremely so. And I get how, looked at in a certain way, every period of history feels like the end of times. But the specifics of the story of the Rapture, the exclusivity built into the story that damns most of humankind to suffer in the midst of the destruction of earth as we know it ... well, wow. The idea does not resonate for me, not even slightly.

The dream of an existence without violence, without war or poverty, of complete peace and happiness, is something I can not imagine. I'm not saying I love all the troubles we see, but it seems to be part of the life cycle of every being on this beautiful, wild, turbulent planet, always has been. We are capable of such great love and idealism, but we fight, we tilt against each other and the world. We are generous and selfish, cold- and warm-hearted, wise and just plain stupid all at the same time. We're - all of us - pieces of work! If we weren't, would we be human?

I don't blame anyone for wishing for a perfect existence, or to be perfect themselves. That sounds great, actually. But the juice of being alive exists in the struggle, at least this is true according to my cosmology. One of my great teachers said that in order to accumulate wisdom, we have to get a little bit banged up in some way or another. We are born perfect with absolutely perfect energy fields. Psychological, physical and/or spiritual wounds create openings through which we receive and gather wisdom and insight. That means making mistakes, bungling, and suffering. It just does. Am I crazy, thinking this way?

After about the age of seven or so, innocence and naivete are highly overrated if you ask me. I say this from my heart of hearts. I mean no offense to those who believe they are about to be transported to a place of perfection. Shalom.


Val said...

crikey that doesnt give us much time eh? I know nothing about the Rapture (which sounds more like the Rupture) - where does the story originate? (please excuse my ignorance!!!) absolutely struggle is part of the life cycle of all living things here whether we like it or not. And these are all growth curves to greater or lesser extents. Makes sense to me Reya.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love the word crikey.

Judgment Day appears at the end of the Christian bible in the book of Revelations.

glnroz said...

you are not crazy.. lol Does anyone really know "what is it"?,,, Then they should show everyone "what it is".
If "that" is what "it is",,,perhaps I aint it.

ellen abbott said...

oh, the history channel LOVES the Rapture and Armageddon. it's pretty interesting really, how the whole idea evolved. It's actually a very new notion in the history of christianity.

personally, I don't believe in it and just plain don't 'get' it. it's a ridiculous idea. but then I shed christianity long ago. we all come from the source, we all return to the source and we all enrich the source with all our varied experiences.

The Bug said...

I guess I'm not too worried about it - if I don't make it in the rapture then I'll go out when the world ends in 2012.

The rapture was always kind of abstract in the Baptist church of my childhood. I don't think anyone believed that it was happening any time soon, that's for sure.

I wrote a post once about rapture pet insurance you could buy - they would ensure that some nice pagan took care of your animals if you were taken away. Bizarre!

Reya Mellicker said...

Dana they still sell that insurance. Someone posted the link on FB.

Ellen, you and I have almost exactly the same spiritual path. That makes me happy!

linda said...

If you're crazy, then I guess I am too.

I've also read recently about the coming 'rapture'. My reaction has been...wonder how many times this has been predicted before? Too many to count. The Jehovah Witnesses are big proponents of this belief.

I think most of the world's ills and troubles have been due to the idea of 'exclusivity' that is promoted by relgions and ideological dogma.

Striving for perfection is a noble cause to be sure. Trouble is, it's really hard work! Even if things were 'perfect', human beings would still probably find a way to mess it up or bitch about it.

I remember how much I thought I knew when I was in my twenties. Makes me smile to think about what I 'know' now that I didn't 'know' then.

Jo said...

wow...great synchronicity for both of us to post Rumi today!

This post just goes to show you how out of it I really am. I need to put these things on my calendar so I can plan ahead!

May 21: Rapture. Be on time!

Jo said...

wow...great synchronicity for both of us to post Rumi today!

This post just goes to show you how out of it I really am. I need to put these things on my calendar so I can plan ahead!

May 21: Rapture. Be on time!

Reya Mellicker said...

Jo there's a post-Rapture party page on Facebook. See ya there!

Elizabeth said...

Cool first picture, Reya.
Son once said( when I was being extra gloomy): "What makes you think you are so important that the whole world will end when YOU do?!!!"

So I do not buy this end is nigh stuff.
Yes, CRIKEY is a super old English word to express utter disbelief, as when daughter's boyfriend was shown pile of rubble in Marrakesh that a friend had foolishly purchased.....

The rapture doesn't grab me either.
Maybe Newt Ginrich will get raptured away .
Wouldn't that be lovely.


Reya Mellicker said...

We can only hope, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

"the juice..is in the struggle"..i love that...

steven said...

i figure the world ends every moment! for every person! every time they choose something. the world ends.
the weather on may 21st in my neck of the woods? sunny and a high of 18 C! woohoo!! it's a saturday. i'll be biking out to the hills west of here on my way to pick up some buttertarts, to say hi to the big valley i bike across on the trestle and especially to see all the happy people out walking and biking and horseback riding! steven

Whitney Lee said...

Does this mean I can quit making plans for my husband for Father's Day? I don't know how I keep missing this stuff...I guess I'm just too busy.

Reya Mellicker said...

Whitney you must plan for father's day. I'm sorry!!

Blonderthanyou: I MISS YOU!

Steven have a wonderful bike ride in the warm sunshine. Yeah!!

Pauline said...

I'll let you know if I believe it on the 22nd ;)

Linda Sue said...

I have been trying to find a person who whole heartedly believes this- I want them to sign over their deed to me and give me all of their stuff the day before- if they are really committed to this idea then GREAT- we both win. no take backs!

Reya Mellicker said...

Linda Sue I saw your post on Facebook. If someone does that, no matter how it shakes out, it would make a great New Yorker article!

Pauline there's a post Rapture par-tay page on Facebook. Come join us!

Karen said...

Reya, you should come visit me--there's a family around the corner who wholeheartedly believes in the May 21st thing and have been advertising it on their vehicles for a long time. (We are actually a little worried about what happens to them on the 22nd, and worried about their kids growing up with this way of thinking... We were thinking about bringing them a casserole or something--I can't imagine you'd keep much in the fridge if you thought it was all going to be over!)

I have studied the people who came over here from England in boats in the 17th century, and they thought they were bringing Judgment Day nigh when they decided to try converting the natives. Though that project didn't really work out (in part because racism got in the way), they were convinced the End Times were upon them. That gives me a little perspective.

(Catching up after a long time away being too busy at work. I've missed you!)

Reya Mellicker said...

I've missed you, too, Karen.

Lensman said...

Did anyone see the picture of the controversial billboard that was recently put up by another spiritual group near Family Radio’s headquarters? It directly challenges them about May 21. Here is a picture of it:


Reya Mellicker said...

I didn't see it ... I'll go check it out. Thanks!