Monday, January 19, 2009

Something is Happening

I was working yesterday so was unable to attend the We are One concert on the mall. My last client came directly from there with stars in her eyes. You can find many images on the internet, or watch it online. I saw it last night on my roommates' gigantic TV. Seeing and listening to all those duets that included one black person and one white person, with big ole Lincoln in the background, brought tears to my eyes. I felt the same sense of relief that had me crying on election night. The concert at the Clinton inauguration was good, but not like this. Yesterday's concert was a healing, no doubt about it.

It's dawning on me that this inauguration might mark the end of the American Civil War. Oh - I know - it officially ended in 1865, but as anyone who has ever visited any of the battlefields will tell you, the energy is ongoing even now. It's as if the worst of the battles got stuck in a time loop so that they endlessly replay themselves, kind of like an American Valhalla, with all the gore and guts but none of the glory at the end of the day.

I'll be curious to see whether the Civil War re-enactors are as enthusiastic about their work, with Obama as president, as they have been. For those who don't know, there are huge organizations of people who re-live Civil War battles, down to the people in the battlefield hospitals who scream as if in terrible pain while a re-enactor pretends to amputate a leg. I find the concept completely bizarre. The re-enactments cut the groove of that terrible time even deeper but also reveal how strong the energy of that war still is, how cohesive it still is. I guess to be fair I could admit that the re-enactors are simply dancing in shamanic alignment with what is. It's a grisly dance, a re-wounding. As if this country isn't wounded enough in the aftermath of slavery.

So the energy of the American Civil War is finally unwinding. Well, maybe. I don't know for certain what is happening, but believe me this weekend is much more than the inauguration of a popular president. There's a sea-change, a shift in the wind. It's big.

You can not imagine how happy I am to be here in the midst of it. Don't worry Tam and Val, my shields are in place which makes possible a joyous dance in shamanic alignment with the biggest thing I've ever felt. I am so honored!


willow said...

I licked my finger and held it in the air. Yep! I can feel the change!

I totally think the Civil War reinactments are very bizarre, too, BTW.

Merle Sneed said...

I went though a period of studying Lincoln and the war.

For the most part, Civil War reenactments are an odd pursuit, but they are mostly just history buffs reenacting history. Don't read too many racial overtones into them.

Joanne said...

You are so fortuntate to be there at the start of this era. Just the "buzz" alone, the essence in the air, must be amazing.

Butternut Squash said...

I will be chanting peace and unity prayers into my singing bowls for your shamanic cosmic dance.

Thanks for taking us along so that we can live history with you.

crone51 said...

I cried through the entire concert ( which I also saw on TV as we're not down there yet) especially at the sight of the 89 year old Pete Seeger leading everyone in This Land Is Your Land complete with the "protest verses"( which are rarely sung)- I am so glad Pete lived long enough to see this. I am glad I lived long enough to see this!!!

Lovely post!

Janelle said...

wow. it must be electric! we're going to watch the television tommorrow evening...wouldn;t miss it for anything! will be looking for you! HAH! XXX j

Lover of Life said...

I have felt very "teary" and emotional, without knowing why. Maybe we, here in Nevada, are feeling that change. I do know that Nevada voted Blue for the first time in many many presidential elections.

Washington Cube said...

My own grandmother called me "That little Yankee child." You don't have to tell me about the Civil War. Old times there are not forgotten, indeed. I'm just waiting for Hammer and Phil to say "As she should have."

Lynne said...

How exciting to be there in the thick of things! I just hope after it's all over that things don't go flat too quickly! Living as close to the Capitol as you do now wonder you can feel the energy! wow.

You didn't rent your house?

Cloth, Yarn and Life said...

" anyone who has ever visited any of the battlefields will tell you, the energy is ongoing even now...."

When my husband and I stopped at the Little Big Horn monument I could really "FEEL" what happened. As I looked over the bluff and down the hillside toward the river where the Native Americans were encamped I could hear them. The sound of the river came up to me on the wind. I looked around at all the crosses marking where soldiers had fallen I could hear the sound of the horses and the sabers banging against the sides of the horses.

I stood there and wondered...why is there no monument to the Native Americans?

It was a wind swept day and the sounds were so real I will never forget them. and so I wonder if the peace will ever come over what we did in those battles?

I just finished a book by Jane Hamilton called "Disobedience". One of the characters in the book, a teenager, had become very involved in reinactments only as a man (boy). It is a very interesting book if you ever have some time to read it.

Your photos are so wonderful. I love your perspective and am so enjoying the energy you share with us.

Coachdad said...

Pretty neat, huh? My daughters have watched it on HBO two times already. I wrote about what I hope happens and would love if you took a look. Great post and site!

janis said...

For too long we lived in a town that was very racist and known for it's "Dragon" background. My girls HS mascot was even a dragon that was supposively in representation of the strong white supermist in the area for ...ever. Very creepy and although I had visions of this being a wonderful rural area to raise my family did not know what we were moving into. My girls were the "darkest" girls. They had there share of Hispanic jokes. But they prevailed and became the strong young women they are today. I really had no idea what all went on until recently. ANYWAY, I was distrupted at the yearly reinactments there near us, and surprised at the amount of redneck kids with there confederate flags. At least that was outlawed on the school property.
We have moved also.

I rejoice at the the thoughts that we are as a country moving on. I pray that many "folks" will finally become educated and respect a man for who he is and what he stands for, not be judged on race, gender, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation

Reya Mellicker said...

Hey Merle - what's bizarre to me about the Civil War re-enactments isn't the history nor do I think it has anything to do really with racism.

It's that obsession with feeling the feeling of being in battle. Who knows? Maybe it's a rush. Just wouldn't be to me.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, Cloth, Yarn & Life! What a story! I had similar experiences at Gettysburgh, Antietam and Fredericksburg.

Heading out now to sage the White House. all in a day's work!!

Auntie, aka cagny said...

What a huge day for everyone, esp. for the denizens of Washington DC.
Be sure to bring extra film and batteries for the cameras(sorry, Auntie can't help giving advice).
Will check back for your updates.

larkspur said...

"Giddiness, utterly ebullient, ground beginning to vibrate" Something very wonderful is happening!!!

I envy you being there...keep the fotos coming.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Those reenactments are wierd. Don't expect them to end any time soon though. The Brits are still doing Roundheads and Cavalier reenactments (civil war, 1642-1651).

Greg said...

I've really enjoyed all your pictures and comments on the run-up to the Inauguration. And your nice comments on my blog. As to the subject of this post, I'm a bit of a Civil War buff myself (though NOT a re-enactor), but I do hope it is in fact OVER and becomes a historical watershed, and less of an ongoing struggle.

c james. said...

We are being healed - the world is being healed...

I think this is the first time that young people feel they really have a say in where our America is going, and that what they have to say matters.

I am truly thankful, as a citizen of the World, that this time America got it right.

Peace on Earth.

Pam said...

Reya, speakking from Australia, the rest of the world is looking on too in excitement, but you are right there -what an exciting and important milestone in your life. I.was.there. Wow, wish I could say that.

hele said...

I suspect the trees dreamed up the whole thing.

This one certainly looks like it is enveloping the city in its dream.

Bee said...

You make such good observations, Reya. I've always been really disturbed by the South's insistence on holding on to concepts like the Rebel Yell, and the Confederate Flag and that dubious call to arms: The South Will Rise Again.

I hope that all non-white children will grow up feeling less defeatist and disenfranchised. Obama is just such a good example in so many ways.

(Oh, about the HBO concert. If you are outside of "the U.S. and its territories" you can't watch it online!)