Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something is happening

Though not as lovely as Ellen's sunsets, we've had some beautiful DC sunsets lately.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: Either I'm psychic or psychotic - or both. You can decide for yourselves. OK?

Apparently those wispy clouds actually were star people, or so say my spirit guides. Part of my cosmology includes a strong relationship between the stars and we humans. The stars have admin assistants who hover in the upper atmosphere. Their job is to keep all of us here on the surface in contact with our individual and collective destinies. I've written about the Star Mandarins before, at length.

Usually they stay way up in the mesosphere which is why I didn't recognize them straightaway the other day at the Washington Monument. When they come close to the surface, my sense is that they tend to hide themselves behind conventional clouds. But Thursday, they were not hiding, nor were they hanging out in the mesosphere, appearing as noctilucent clouds. Hmmmm.

What were they doing so close to the surface? Coming down into the stratosphere, for the Star Mandarins, would be the same thing as a human being going for a deep sea dive to check out a subduction vent or something. I can't imagine they would come down here without a good reason. They find our species kind of disgusting, in the same way that when we see pictures of the creatures that live at the bottom of the deep ocean, we tend to make a face, and say "Ewwwwww!" We're so fleshy - and dirty by their standards. We kind of gross them out.

So what were they doing here? For today at least I'm bringing myself to the here and now, leaving WWII in the mid 20th century where it belongs. How I wish that Peruvian shaman was close at hand right now so I could ask his opinion. Sometimes it's kind of lonely being a shaman in Washington DC in the 21st century. Ya know?

Two warm days inspired we citizens of DC to get outside, with or without dogs.


ellen abbott said...

Thanks Reya, but you have a pretty awesome sky there in DC too.

Talking about the star people made me think about how my friend Dee refers to her body. she calls it her 'meat suit'. no wonder they think we are gross.

Linda Sue said...

You are being looked after...

Reya Mellicker said...

As soon as I brought myself forward in time, I could clearly "hear" what they're talking about. Going to write about it tomorrow.

I always loved the name of that band "The Meat Puppets." Oh yeah, that would be US.

Vicki said...

You are blessed my friend! Peace and love today.....

Shelley said...

I love this post (and the older one you linked to introducing your concept of Star Mandarins). Can't wait to find out what you "heard" from them!

Your post just fits perfectly with what I received today from Morning Messages ( Their post today was about star communication, parallel realities, and opening/closing of energy portals.

Here's part of the message:

Message 37

Creators of Your Hologame

"The truth is that the other dimensions are as close as your breath and allowing. This knowledge scares most humans. It does not fit with the learned programs.
It is too strange.
The idea that the stars communicate with every cell of your physical body at all times can be a mental stretch for some. The concept that someone can hear this communication from the stars and act upon the connection is a real mental stretch

The universe is a complex matrix. It is a weaving of energy strands of all possibilities."

Great synchronicity!

Reya Mellicker said...

Shelley - wow! I continued to experience revelations all day, including the fact that my oldest spirit guide is named Esther - which means: STAR.

Shelley said...

Esther ~ STAR!! Too cool, Reya.

Here's the rest of the Morning Message from the stars:

"It is waves and it is particles depending upon the focus and the awareness of the focuser. Remember you are the creators of your hologame.

Reality, as most humans believe and sense it to be, is limited to what they can see, feel and touch. However there is a much larger universe that is available in which parallel realities exist and portals of energy can be activated or closed or shielded.

Traveling dimensions is merely a shifting one's consciousness/frequency/or vibration.

We invite you to continue to listen to spirit and the stars. We honor those who are willing to expand their sense of who they are and to recognize and allow their multidimensional aspects to be acknowledged.

Portals, matrices, energy grids, power places, star travel, parallel lives and realities, dimensional shifts – these are all juicy places to focus on and invite into your daily life."

Reya, you inspire me with the way you live your life in openess to these sorts of dimensional shifts and share them with us, day by day.

Starry Blessings,

Nancy said...

Now I'm curious too - what were they doing?

I do know that feeling of being lonely when surrounded by people. Not many in my circle, or town, think as I do.

Jo said...

So cool. I have heard an "urgency" from the trees and the sky lately, but haven't been able to understand it. I can't wait to hear what they've been trying to tell us!

Your sensitivity is a blessing, Reya. Thanks for sharing your translations with us.

Winston Riley said...

Reya. Your sister Deborah is such a beauty and so sweet and loves you so much. She couldn't hardly explain it without being moved to tears, describing what you mean to her! You've been visiting me in my dreams these last few days and in fact on the night of the memorial service I almost rose up to find out who was in the room when you very clearly said one word to me (wish I could remember it now, I've been racking my brain sense). This post and the one before with the star and cloud spirits makes me so happy to be well acquainted with the larger you. hugs

Anne said...

LOTS of stuff going on in the realms -- looking forward to reading the post wherein you Explain All.

Tess Kincaid said...

It's reassuring to know there's at least one good shaman in our nation's capitol.