Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Broken street lamp. At first I thought maybe it had fallen during the quake, but based on how many leaves were stuffed inside, my guess is it has been broken for awhile.

I took a long walk after work yesterday, looking for damage from Irene. From what I saw, the storm served to blow a bunch of dead leaves and small twigs out of the trees, a very good thing, and give the ground a nice soak - again, very nice, as we have had a very dry summer. I did see some trees that had come down but I suspect they were on their last legs anyway, due to take a dive.

It's rather easy for me to be philosophical since my power never went off, there were no leaks or floods into the chateau. One shingle fell off the roof during the earthquake, just one. The chateau was built in the 1880s and has weathered many a storm. It was standing when the LAST 5.8 earthquake hit, in 1897. It is a sturdy, well built, solid yet graceful house. I feel SO LUCKY to live here. Wow.

Today is another gorgeous DC day. I'm going to take a big walk, go check out super zoom cameras at the professional camera store. I've grown weary of the iphone camera. The wide angle lens and the way it oversaturates everything makes every picture dramatic, but even those effects can't create good pictures, nope. Makes perfect sense that there are so many special effects apps for the iphone camera. It needs some hipstamatic alteration, because as a real camera, it sucks.

Today's post is as random as my mind in the wake of the hurriquake. My thoughts are chaotic, part of the shake-up, I assume. Just as I typed that the suspended light over the table here began to sway slightly. I didn't feel it in my body but I wonder if we just experienced an aftershock - there have been a dozen since last week's quake.

The light has stopped swaying and I'm ready to head out into this sparkling day. Shalom.


Washington Cube said...

I've felt several aftershocks. Amazing how it lingers, isn't it?

ellen abbott said...

Gaia is still getting comfortable.

Jo said...

I, too, and very glad that you live in the chateau. It is PERFECT for you!

I hope you had a fabulous day and enjoyed the camera shopping. A great phtographer like you deserves whatever feels right!

LOVE the second picture today.

Pam said...

You are a great (and entertaining) photographer Reya. Feed the talent. Enjoy the shopping!