Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peacock Room

It's a beautiful late summer day in Washington DC. A friend and I are going to walk down to the Freer to check out the fully loaded Peacock Room. What a crazy space, wow. If you're ever in Washington DC, you should definitely go have a look. I haven't seen it since they added all the pots. I bet it is even more psychedelic than usual.

It's appropriate following the technicolor week just past, at least it was that kind of week for me. I believe Brother Sun has had an equally crazy week. Maybe the intensity of my week was all about dancing in shamanic alignment with Brother Sun. Who knows?

A steady trickle of clients have come for massage in the new space. Everyone really likes it, or so they are saying. Tomorrow and Monday I'll work nearly full days. All is well in the onwards and upwards department, but ... whoa ... what a long, strange trip it has been!

Hence, the Peacock Room. Shabbat Shalom, y'all.


Angela said...

Hi Reya, waving at you from my home next to the Polish border. I have only just now read your post about your travel doubts. If they are strong, by all means go to Maui instead (but still read Lilly Brett`s books!)
However, as I am almost weekly crossing the border and visiting Polish friends or doing my shopping, I can assure you there is a very pleasant spirit about! I thought, considering our German/Polish history, that people might be hostile or wary to me, but not in the least.
So forget your old Polish friends, but give new ones a chance!
Yesterday I met a Jewish/Ukrainian
lady, and we clicked on the spot. Even though I told her my father had fought in the very town she came from. On the other side! But she said, We live NOW.
Cheers to you from Germany!

Meri said...

Yes, Brother Sun has been dancing. And I'm happy to hear that the transition is going well.

Cyndy said...

Glad to hear the clients like your new space!

I'm very excited about the upcoming monthly opening of the shutters in the Peacock Room - I'm going to have to make it down there on one of those Thursdays. All of that gorgeous blue-green glowing in natural light is going to look amazing.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh I didn't know. I will go with you Cyndy, definitely!

Gemel said...

Glad all is flowing harmoniously ♥

Washington Cube said...

Reya (and Cyndy): I wrote about the Peacock Room ages ago on my blog, and the time a security guard was charmed into opening the window. I read recently that there will be days now when the shutters are pulled back and you can finally see the room in daylight. Check the schedule.

Reya Mellicker said...

Cube let's go together. They do it on Thursday afternoons.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks for the link to the Peacock Room "in the round." Very cool. Also very cool is your new Chateau 7 healing blog, to accompany your new Chateau healing space. All sorts of cool new stuff!

Cyndy said...

Cool, let's go! Next month it should be on the 15th (3rd Thursday)starting at noon.

Cyndy said...

Let's go see it next month - definitely!

Hi Cube!