Saturday, August 13, 2011

On the brink

I've reserved the zipcar I'll use Monday to move the last of my things out of the Quiet Waters Center. I'm excited, I think. Actually I'm a bit numb as I often am during times of great change.

According to my clients, this is no big deal. Once they get on the table, as long as the room smells good, is quiet and comfortable, they could care less where they receive massage. Ha. Go figure.

True, that therapeutic massage is a very internal experience, ironically. One reason researchers believe massage is relaxing is because the brain gets overloaded trying to process sensation. At some point, usually slightly before the halfway point, I can see clients let go of whatever problem they are working to death in their heads. Perhaps their brains are overloaded and have relented. Who knows?

Though my massage therapist is taking a quick medical leave from work, it's coming to me even as I write this that I need to receive a massage this week, let my brain cool off a little bit, let my body relax. I know I'm a baby getting all worked up about the upcoming move, but I'm sensitive, too sensitive, as my parents put it. I'll get over it.

Watery, isn't it? Like an underwater scene.


The Bug said...

Why would you think you're being a baby? It's a BIG deal! For heaven's sake. A big EXCELLENT deal, mind you, but not something that you should approach nonchalantly. So there :)

Do these work in blog comments? <3

ellen abbott said...

change, even good change, can be disconcerting. You have a whole new physical space to get used to, using it differently.

Elizabeth said...

I think massages solve rather a lot of things
especially for us rather too sensitive/nervous ytpes.
I'm sure the move will work wonderfully well.

Pam said...

Had much catching up to do with your previous posts Reya and had a big smile to myself, nodding "uh-ha, uh-ha". The 1953 Aquarian connection runs deep.
"Your father was terrified" is how my mother described the reaction to her pregnancy with me, who turned out to be the "sensitive soul" they scratched their heads over!
I relate so much to the way you feel, and the importance of a work environment in which you feel comfortable, and wish you all the best in this exciting new venture of yours. I am sure it will all go very well.
"On the brink" is usually scarey, but from birth onwards we are always on the brink of something aren't we!!
As my husband says "make a decision, and if it doesn't work, make another one."

mouse (aka kimy) said...

sending vibes for a most smooth move!

Reya Mellicker said...

Mouse your vines will go a long way towards helping me succeed.

And pam - you and I are sisters half a world away from one another. I swear we are!

Reya Mellicker said...

Vibes, not vines. iphone spell check!!

Gemel said...

Change is a gift in disguise, great change offering the largest boons, I feel you will be fine...