Thursday, November 18, 2010

Me and my devotions

Is it possible to be overly devoted? Of course it is! I often suffer from that malady. Over-devotion is - like anything taken to the extreme - unhealthy, unbalanced and, well, not a whole lot of fun for anyone.

Another word for over-devotion is fanaticism, something I actually try to avoid as much as possible. Even when my sense of devotion comes from a very pure place, every time I crank it up to eleven, what was once pure inevitably becomes toxic. I was overly devoted to my dog, Jake, (for instance) which is one reason that the people who know me best say I should wait a long time before welcoming another dog into my life. They know how far off the deep end I went with Jake. My devotion to that dog was sweet, yes, but too extreme.

Last night I realized that my preoccupation with the philosophy of loyalty was (among other things) an attempt to justify the way I tilt into my devotional nature. I don't need to justify my intensity; it just is. I'm putting my thoughts about loyalty and commitment on the back burner for awhile; going to let those ideas simmer while I mindfully detach from philosophical devotions in order to address more mundane concerns. My plans for today include a whole lot of laughing at myself. Ha ha. I am such a character.

Though, philosophy is an interesting way to rationalize, isn't it? Seems quite high-minded. And I learned so much from everyone who was willing to leave comments here. Thanks!! All further thoughts are very welcome! Happy Thursday, y'all. Shalom.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Heard and understood. We were the same with our Jake. I am dogsitting for my mother right now and am getting WAY too attached. I know I'm not ready and not sure if, when I am, I will be able to be any different with the next dog. I think I was that kind of parent as well - getting better now that she's 24. Possibly because I only got the one child.

Jo Floyd Lucas said...

May I prescribe a small dose of good wine, a larger dose of your favorite comfort food, and a huge dose of Hugh Grant?

Here's to letting go of the deep matter and diving in to the mundane for a while!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

good luck figuring things out


lots of nuanced meanings

tending to the mundane is good practice

chop wood, carry water

hugs & happiness - and keep on laughing!

glnroz said...

fanatic? I think just determined,, wait, am I talking about you or me? Hmmm,, I think I must devote some time to think this through :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Glenn - ha ha!!

Jo and Mouse - thanks, and Jeanette, oh yeah. You and I are sisters in spirt, we are.

Meri said...

Overboard in the sea of devotion. Hmm... interesting concept.

steven said...

reya! devotion - it's about love isn't it. something about a kind of soft lovely veneration - not blind or mindless but forgiving and overlooking of flaws. i'm devoted to my bicycles. they take care of a simple need of mine without condition!! to move, to see things, to be free!!! there y'are. steven

California Girl said...

have I told you how much I love the photo of the dewy leaves on your mast head? the contrast of muted Fall colors against the dark background and the water droplets. did you take it?

I very much like the building sculptures as well. I saw something quite similar on an LA blogger's post yesterday and am wondering if it's the same architect but it's probably just the same period. if you're curious his architect is Burt Johnson and the year is 1926. Link:

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Debra. I did take that picture, during a rainstorm while I was walking around.