Sunday, November 15, 2009


The oak trees on 8th Street between Independence and C are about to begin their grand fall. I always feel for the people who live on that block at this time of year because they are about to be virtually buried in oak leaves.

I scored like a big dog yesterday. In the mail I received not only the commemorative CD set from Hammer (a part of how he ended his blog) but also two pounds of cracked pecans from Ellen of the blog Ellen's Head. Wow!

You can't plan to receive two gifts from fellow bloggers - not ever - but what are the chances of receiving two gifts from fellow bloggers with no connection to each other on the same day??

This bounty is a crystal clear sign that it is not time for me to quit the blog even though I am restless and uninspired. Maybe the protein from the pecans, in combination with the music of Throwing Hammers, along with the launch of the Terra Cotta Warrior show at National Geographic this week, will kick my creative ass in just the right way, help re-enthuse me. You think?


Steve said...

Hi Reya -- so glad you got those gifts and they infused you with a bit of energy! Maybe rather than ending, your blog (and your creativity) is merely changing. Now that the Gold Puppy himself is gone, I can see how you'd be moving on to new things, too. Regardless, I hope you stay somewhere in the blogosphere. I would miss you terribly if you weren't here. :)

Mrsupole said...

You would have a mutiny on your hands, even with all that bounty. (Sorry, just had to go there.) I hope that the bounty and the Terra Cotta keeps you enthused for a long, long time.

Loved the two pictures. The fall leaves are fantastic and the reflection in the puddle, totally awesome. Thank you so much for always sharing the pics.

God bless.

steven said...

hey reya - two days ago i received a gift from willow over at the manor. it was an all 'round beautiful gift from the wrapping to the scent on the paper to the little box to the crystal inside. it made the whole blogging thing real in a very different way to the real it is anyway.
i love the voice that you speak with in the gold puppy. it says things i value and sometimes things i miss and then sometimes things i'd forgotten and with a few words and a photograph i'm in that "oh yeahhhhh" frame that allows me to wonder why i would ever stop thinking or knowing whatever it is that you have thought or felt or wondered about yourself.
only you can know what is right or works for you reya. no one can convince you to keep this blog open without putting their own needs and agenda first. you've been there and you sure ain't goin' back would be my intuition.
perhaps you might consider a new blog. one with no history.
with an early foggy morning hug from steven

willow said...

I would be so lost without my lovely bloggy friends. WONderful pics, Reya. Most of our leaves are down and it looks very Novemberish in my neck of the woods.

Barry said...

Mrsupole stole my line about the Bounty. Willow stole my comments about your pictures.

So I have nothing left to say.

Except I'm glad you're planning to stick around.

Joanne said...

Creativity is a wave, ups and downs, swells and tidal flats. I hope you'll ride this one out.


I wish I had known about Hammer. If it was such a good blog, why could it not be repeated, I wonder, in a re-run sort of category! I would not like you to bow out - your photographs are always inspiring, like the puddle in this post. I believe that art evolves, and I do believe there is an art in blogging and, yes, an artist knows when to stop one thing, only to find another route to follow. I am looking forward to hearing about your new project as docent!

ellen abbott said...

Well, I certainly hope so!

Glad the pecans arrived. I tried to winnow out the obviously bad ones. Hope you get enough for some good eating.

lakeviewer said...

Gifts? You're telling me somebody is buying you out?

Seriously, if you quit, I quit. Most of us who follow you will quit too. In solidarity. Sisterhood. Women who love dogs kind of tribe.

Enjoy the pecans and the CD's. Bake a pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

Janelle said...

phew. thank goodness for that! love the reflection puddle piccie...X j

Barbara Martin said...

Unexpected gifts are the boon of the Sun with Uranus as it was on Saturday, so you received Reya.

The photos of the oak trees with their autumn colours are lovely, and I await a photo of the leaves on the pavement.

I'm restless too which means something is coming. The something could be anything. Uranus goes direct on December 1 which is good news.

Hammer said...

I am of course touched and flattered by all positivity you've sent my way over the last couple days. Please don't memorialize me though, I'm not dead yet. I've simply concluded one journey in order to embark on another. The current one, though still artistic, is much more personal in nature and "will not be televised."

As for T.H., it took a long time for that blog to evolve into what a it eventually became. I wasted far too much time writing in the style of what a blog was "supposed" to sound like instead of my own voice. Exposure to a variety of people such as yourself (and of course Phil) who pushed beyond that were instrumental in helping me kick that bad habit.

Although I think the medium is vastly under-utilized, I still think it has enormous potential and has not yet been replaced by anything better. Down the road I'm sure it will be, but for now, I think it gives people creative options that things like twitter and facebook never will.

Consider the Throwing Hammers funeral officially canceled, over and DONE. Jeez. Now get out there and write, photgraph, draw, paint and EXPRESS YOURSELF!

Cyndy said...

Those trees are so gorgeous! I haven't been down to DC in a couple of weeks so I'm really looking forward to checking out the fall color on Capitol Hill before my rehearsal this evening. I hope it's still light out when I get there!

Ronda Laveen said...

Loved the photos! I like the way the trees make an arch at the end of the street. I think all of those things will give you mighty kick to your creative booty. It just feels like you are finding yourself in this blog as you walk in the world sans the Jakester. Just takes a wee bit o' time.

Yeah! Hammer's inda Houwz! Still waiting on my CDs. They have a bit further to come to reach the left coast. I'd say those two bloggin gifts and Hammer's appearance here today are a crystal clear on.

Reya Mellicker said...

OMG - Mutiny on the Bounty?? Mrsupole you are so great!

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven I, too, have been the recipient of Willow's generosity and classy presentation - I won a drawing on her blog - I'm really lucky here.

Hammer I heard the song immediately as soon as I saw the words. You should see me dance to that song. Actually, perhaps that's not a great idea.

And please - I wasn't memorializing YOU. My tribute was for the blog. I believe I was appropriately tasteful, though perhaps tacky to want to quit just because you did.

Don't worry, I won't go on and on.

Lakeviewer, all of us quitting together would no doubt create a rip in the time/space continuum. We can't risk that!

Reya Mellicker said...

I love that scene from Monty Python (linked in Hammer's comment.) One year at witch camp some kind of virus swept through the camp. People were barfing, pale and feverish. A few of the campers who weren't sick yet dressed up and did extempo theater - Bring out your dead. The sick campers couldn't figure out if they should laugh, or puke. It was actually kind of hilarious.

Barbara said...

I think! Protein and good music; great combination to inspire creativity.


Rinkly Rimes said...

What a wonderful street reflection! Non-Australians certainly win hands down when it comes to those Autumn Tints. My blog is not yet two years old so I hope I don't reach tthe bored bit too soon!

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Ah, how I miss oak trees and fall colors. One thing I regret about living in the West.

Deborah said...

well, your photographic creative ass is simply unendangered

love you so

Pauline said...

I second Hammer - express yourself! Here, somewhere else, there - what does it matter as long as you are becoming and expressing who you want to be? Marvelous photos as always.

Bee said...

Please don't quit the blog! I don't even post every day (not even close) and I OFTEN feel like I've got nothing interesting to share.

You are always worth reading, Reya.

Mrsupole's comment made me laugh.