Friday, November 13, 2009

All Things Must Pass Away

I worked long and hard today but even so, I could have squeezed in the time to post here if I'd really wanted to. I felt stalled out, unable to put any interesting words together. Actually I've felt like that a lot lately, as if the blog has been kind of on the skids for awhile. I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who has felt this way. Am I right?

The frosting on the cake was when Hammer concluded his blog yesterday. Throwing Hammers was one of my favorite blogs in the world. It was wildly unpredictable in terms of content, though the soul of the writer was fully infused into every post. Every post was SO creative including (of course) even the posts that I didn't understand. It was a work of art from the time I found it until its demise.

Pat of the venerable DC says that when people write articles for magazines, or stories or books, they know when they're finished. But bloggers never know. We can go on and on if we like.

Hammer told me once upon a time that blogs have a three year lifespan. That's interesting since I quit my old blog after three years almost to the day. The Gold Puppy is just a little over three years old, so maybe I'm suffering from three year blogger itch, do you think? Throwing Hammers lasted more than five years. It was a mighty blog!

That he knew exactly when Throwing Hammers had completed itself, so he could sign off gracefully, is awesome, isn't it? Tut of the blog Inside the Shell said it perfectly: "The fluid blog can actually have an end point, not dependent on outside (or inside) issues of the blogger." YES, and - how astonishing to have the moxie, as well as the timing, to understand, to make the ending as artful the blog's heyday. Hammer? Well done, you!

Wouldn't it be great if we all had more skill when it came to endings? When the lifecycle of relationships, jobs, living situations, friendships is over, and that situation must end - it's always so painful for one reason or another. If we were able to notice when things were winding down, maybe we could be brave enough to end them artfully, before everything goes completely to hell. Is that a crazy idea?

In order to be more graceful I guess we would have to first be willing to admit that nothing lasts forever, also that duration is not a measure of value. But - that's a tough pill to swallow, eh?


Daisy said...

I think it is great wisdom to know this Reya, and be willing to let go of things at their good time. But don't you let go of your blog, I'm enjoying it too much! :-)

ellen abbott said...

Well, I agree that all things pass, or evolve. I don't expect my blog to last forever but it is still young, less than a year. I would hate for you to close up shop since I just met you but that's just me being selfish. I don't think because you feel particularly uninspired that that means you're done. I don't feel particularly inspired right now but it's because I'm pretty busy with work.

lakeviewer said...

We feel the end of things, but we fight against any end, hard to admit everything has an expiration date.

This is profoundly human. We care; we feel deeply when a loved one dies.

steven said...

reya i've been writing two blogs - the second one appeared when it became obvious that i needed a separate place for the really thoughtful and internal stuff. then one day the two blogs started to merge together and the first blog (the golden fish) became everything. the second blog (flow) went very quiet. what's cool to em is that a third blog appeared about a month ago. it's not birthed yet. it exists but not out there. so perhaps it'll have a purpose other than the outside inside dialogue of the golden fish. i love the fluidity regardless. steven

Cyndy said...

I've been feeling the blogging doldrums lately myself. And just this week one of my favorite bloggers took down her site and disappeared with no warning. She was such a great writer too. I hope you'll keep posting. I love seeing your photos and reading some of your thoughts.

Ronda Laveen said...

I am so glad you memorialized Hammer's blog here along with the insight of knowing when "the cookies are done." If I had a flag on my site, I would have flown it at half mast. Perhaps a pirate flage would have been appropriate.

You spoke of his work so eloquently, describing his soul-art to perfection. I have only been reading him for about 6 months and feel the loss. I'm sure you, having met him and read his work for years, feel, exquisitely, the deep, dark vacuous space he left. Who will fill it? There are few who can replace Hammer. He is original in essence. Like Emeril would say, BAM!

Yes, things do have a cycle. I feel that he ended his blog to advance other creative endeavors. I hope I am not wrong. Everything and everyone has a rhythm unique unto themselves. Mine is five years or fractions thereof. Two and a half, five, ten, twelve and a half...

You could very well have blog itch. Or, you could be collecting your creative juices for renewed vigor or new blog-book project. Every beginning is and end. Every end is a beginning. But there is something energetic going on because I've run into a number of bloggers who are bagging it and blogs that have just gone quiet. A changing of the guard?

Anyhoo, I've had a very long 14+ hour day and must get ready for another tomorrow. Blog reading as my laundry finishes. Knowing that Hammer is DONE makes me sad. Enuf said. (Boo hoo). I must go fold and fluff now.

Mrsupole said...

Well I for one hope that you continue to blog and blog and blog. But then I know it is up to you when you want to stop, but that will be a sad day in bloggyworld.

And I think we all experience writer's block. I am just thankful when it stops and I figure out something to write and post on my blog. Although I never seem to have a block on the comments I write. LOL, like that is ever gonna happen. Although if I have to have surgery on my other shoulder, well that does give everyone a break. I am praying that it does not need it. Recovering from this one is still taking so long. Good thing it is hurting less and less to type.

It is sad when anyone leaves bloggyworld and hopefully hammer will come back. We can all only hope.

God bless.

lettuce said...

yeah, it can be tough

what a thought-provoking post reya.

i've thought my blogging was ended more than once - and in fact its been about 3/3half years. But it lulls, changes, takes different directions. Definately cyclical.

it would have ended i think, if it hadn't changed.
Like your Gold Poppy / Puppy maybe.

Loving all your autumnal photos.

Tom said...

Hey Reya! R u trying to tell us something? I've always thought everyday bloggers had it pretty tough, keeping that day by day thread of thought and visual insight going. I can't do it...i'm a mishmash. Here's hoping for 3 more years of TGP. (fingers crossed)

Elizabeth said...

You are right that sometimes one runs out of puff for these things.
Maybe just go with that thought and then one day you wake up and say
I NEED to blog that
truly I feel a bit deflated right now
and over-familied if you know what I mean
The good thing about blogging is that you do it if you want to and there are no RULES!
Yes, endings are often messy
life, love etc.
but birth can be messy too

Reya Mellicker said...

Birth, life, death - they're ALL messy.

As for the Gold Puppy, I can't quit blogging just because Hammer did, and in fact I'm thinking my exposure to the Terra Cotta warrior show is going to pump new energy into this space, but we'll see.

Thanks for your messages of encouragement and appreciation - really it means a lot.

And yes there is something moving through the blog world, but as for Hammer I know he has been considering this for awhile. I am not grieving the loss of his blog since he is a "real" life friend, but damn - it was a GREAT blog.

I guess I was memorializing. Wow.

Pauline said...

There's always a discrepancy between the blogger's desire to end and the reader's desire to hang on, just as the one going leaves someone behind. I don't think there's a set right or wrong time, but you have to be in touch with what's right for you. You can always turn around and go back, though with the realization that things will be different when you get there.

Barry said...

Today was the first time I heard of Hammer's blog.

And he's gone.

But at least he seems to have left behind a whole world of good reading.

Excuse me while I head over there and get started.

But one thing before I go. As for your blog, Reya, heck you're just hitting your prime!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Barry! Some days I think "I've posted a picture just like this one - last year or the year before," or "I already wrote this post."

But I'm not quitting now. When I ended my first blog it was on a total whim. I didn't blog for a month, then started the Puppy which turns out to be more like the Poppy than unlike it. More of the same.

Reya Mellicker said...

Should also say: it's my nature to get restless and want to break free of everything, even the good stuff. I'm learning to be more patient, to hang in a little more.


I do not have Hammer's timing. Oh well.

Barbara said...

The art of transitions and endings. The last line in your post speaks to me in a very poignant way.


Jo said...

I just found your blog, and I am enjoying it, so I hope you hang on for a bit longer. I love seeing the photos of your wonderful city, as well.

I have been blogging for about three years, and lately I have been feeling an ennui about blogging. So I was surprised to read that blogs have a three-year life span. That would pretty much cover it for mine.

And you know, I have discovered some wonderful, fabulous blogs that are so well-written and interesting and humorous and more, but no one visits them. And I have discovered other blogs that will do posts about the silliest things, and they become repititious, and they will get upwards of 70 comments. It doesn't make any sense at all. So that has sort of "tainted" my view of blogging.

You have a great blog.

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, perhaps all you need is a rest from the blog, although I think you've come to a realization that there is more material for you to write about.

When endings approach a person there is always a warning or premonition of some kind that provides a type of preparation. Often those warnings or premonitions are ignored which results in a nightmare ending or reversal. If a person were to pay attention to their inner guidance then endings could be dealt with in an easier manner.

C.M. Jackson said...

reya--given all you do and what you have been deserve a break. That being said you must keep writing. Your blog is a beacon of light that shines on so many...take a break but please come c

Toto tu este nebolo! said...
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Merle Sneed said...

Sometimes blogging is therapeutic, sometimes it is fun, and sometimes I can't gather the urge to do it.