Saturday, October 4, 2008

Without light, there is no shadow

Slowly but surely I am making my way back to good health. My lungs are clearing, I can breathe, not coughing so much. Yesterday I went back to work. All is well in the world. I am SO grateful!

Besides the improvement in my respiratory system, I know I'm getting better because my dream life has been active and interesting. Instead of those boring dreams of everyday activity, my dreams have been vivid and fascinating. To me these technicolor dreams mean I'm getting well on many levels.

In one of last night's dreams, the oldest dog in the house, our beloved Shadow, has somehow wandered off. In the dream, I am walking the streets of Capitol Hill, calling out to the stubborn, smart and iconoclastic Shadow to come back. My sense in the dream is that I will surely find her. When I woke up I remembered that story about the boy who lost his shadow. When he finally gets it back, he sews it to his socks, so it can never be lost again.



Barbara said...

Was it exactly 2 years ago when you were intrigued with watching how shadows changed with the moving sun? There was a "scientific" study of chalk on sidewalks for awhile. It's one of those things we take for granted otherwise, like so many things in life.

goatman said...

Sounds like you may benefit from a dose of your own skills (and where do doctors go when they are ill?)
We have a massage lady in a nearby town who worked wonders for my lower back. Her skills plus my yoga exercises have made me feel better plus eliminated that pain.
Problem is we are on our third massage therapist. Seems they burn out quickly; usually within 4 or 5 years. But I guess those years are a long time to "press the flesh".
I hope for your continued improvement (helpful hint: bleach your toothbrush to kill any residual germs.)

Steve said...

Beautiful pics. You have such a great eye for color!

I'm glad the lungs are getting back to normal. What a relief!

How do you remember your dreams? Do you have a technique? I always forget mine within about three minutes of waking up.

tut-tut said...

Sounds like you'll be fully back on track this week. Are your dreams as vivid as the colors in these photographs?

lacochran said...

So glad you are healing! (I know you are healing for me. I'm glad you are now healing for you. :))

Reya Mellicker said...

Goatman, I DO believe in therapeutic massage. I might be well enough to receive this coming week. When I'm congested and coughing, it isn't worth the time or money to try to lie down on a table and receive. Hell for the practitioner, too. But I'll get to it, I promise!

Thanks Steve and Tut. I don't often remember color from my dreams.

Barbara it was at winter solstice when I did the chalk shadow thingy. This year I plan to do it again, but make the series of pics into one my "time-lapse" slide shows. Should be fun.

Pod said...

oh! sorry to hear you've been sick. i have sent a little missile of healing, so watch out!!
(also been having very vivid dreams)

fush and chips said...
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Val said...

just love your photographs - those colours! and always so intruiging. could be a book?
cars are definitely cleaner in your part of the world!
glad you are feeling better. hope you dont have to sew Shadow to your socks now?? xx

lettuce said...

the second photo is just beautiful

so glad you are feeling in recovery now reya.
But take it easy, you need to go on taking special care of yourself for a while yet

mouse (aka kimy) said...

that bottom photo is gorgeous! you are a magician with automobiles and reflections! love the drops and leaves.

wasn't that peter who lost his shadow and tinkerbell who sewed it back? but barrie probably borrowed that from an earlier fair tale....for all things seem to go around and around and around....

please sweet reya continue getting better and going onward and upward. healing energy your way!

Janelle said...

glad you are feeling better and energized again..and wearing lipstick and getting "jazzed'! you GO GIRL! xxx janelle