Saturday, October 25, 2008


One thing I appreciate about moods is that they pass. Impermanence is a large component of moody feng shui.

There are steps a person can take to enact an emotional pivot and therefore move through moods more quickly. There are countless other methods that can be employed for mood improvement, like all the alternative healing modalities, psychotherapy, etc. There are drugs (prescription, over the counter, and illicit) that will mask and/or obliterate a mood in two seconds flat. (Well ... two seconds after the drug enters the bloodstream.)

But the other way to deal with moods is to just wait. They will pass of their own accord, maybe not as quickly as they could, though sometimes they pass even more quickly if left alone to do whatever it is they came to do.

I'm not against foul moods because I think they're part of being a human being. Sometimes artists create their finest work when depressed, cranky, ill tempered or sad. I'm sure there are other benefits to bad moods, don't you think? They aren't pleasant to experience, but they can bring about good things. At least I think so.

It's when they get all sticky and adhere themselves to the heart and mind, that's when moodiness gets toxic. That's the time to use the techniques spelled out in a million self help books, or call the therapist or do something to unstick them.

My bad mood from yesterday passed quickly, mainly because of my profession. Going to work always helps. It helped, too, to see that people from all over the earth left comments about how it has been a shit week for them, too. By far the finest visual depiction of last week's mood is featured on Pod's blog.

Among many things I'm grateful for is my blog family, thanks, ya'll. I also greately appreciate the ephemeral nature of moods. They're just like the weather, shifting and changing. What a relief! Oh yeah.


Miranda said...

You're so right. Best thing about bad moods is you know they'll pass. Weird that its been such a difficult week for so many people - me too. But next week will be better, no?

lacochran said...

I think your images are wonderful. Today's pair are particularly appropos. Glad you're coming out of whatever that was. And so glad you're a part of my (blog and non-blog) life!

Chimera said...

I cannot tell you how much your photos move me. Light has become so important to me and I feel that you almost mould it with your work. I find your pictures magical. I am VERY glad you are better and I thought your musings on the dead interesting. I am inspired by your and Miranda's and Tam's thoughts on all this and have been kicking around an idea for a Hmm. Will keep you all posted.
Thank you so much!
T x

Gary said...

My Darling Reya,
I am sorry that I am behind in my reading and missed offering support on your last post. But you know how much I simply adore you whatever the mood.

There are two things that greatly influence my mood - being overly tired and a full moon. Once I realize the cause I lighten up a bit. As you write they are all part of the plan and generally pass quickly.

Have a wonderful weekend. You are in my thoughts often.

tut-tut said...

Sometimes, a bad mood, fug, whatever, forces a person to shut herself in, sometimes for a needed reflection, or just to get away. Your photos are always inspiring to me, no matter what!

I'm glad you are here, Reya.

Robert said...

Ah, gorgeous photos with beautiful thought to match.

ArtSparker said...

Still mulling the Buddhist/unmannerly previous post and got into a related conversation today at the farmer's market. The leaves photo is's so amusing to me how cars become vehicles of beauty in your photos.

Elizabeth said...

Loved the pictures - but also the anecdote about the 'guru' type.
This made me laugh. I'm skeptical about almost everyone and everything which is why I prefer Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.
I'm having shudders down my spine at the thought of McCain. Please pray it won't happen.
The blue states will have to think seriously about seceeding.
Came to you via Willow's blog

Reya Mellicker said...

Maybe with Obama as president, we won't have to think so blue state/red state as we have for the last eight years. One of the things he is devoted to is the idea of unity.

God, wouldn't it be nice??

Moonroot said...

Dear Reya,

I'm experiencing some pretty crappy moods at the moment, as you can probably imagine. But even when I feel stuck in depression or grief or anger, I tell myself they'll pass eventually (tho' it's often hard to believe at the time). And they do. Mostly I'm leaving them 'alone to do whatever it is they came to do'. So far I don't think they're sticking and toxic, just part of the process.

Hope you're feeling better.


lettuce said...

sometimes i think moods have as much power over us as we give them... know what i mean?

and sometimes they're like pain - breathe with them and they gradually dissolve....

i like the idea of moody feng shui