Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy Sky

Do you pray? I do, every day. Sometimes my prayers are nice and neat, following a graceful curving trajectory of devotion. Some days my prayers lurch forwards like a car with a bad transmission. Some days - like yesterday - they are just all over the map, chaotic and perhaps even incomprehensible, yet sincere. I'm always sincere when I pray, which, according to Rabbi Manewith, is the only thing you really need in order to communicate with God.

Yesterday's sky was a perfect reflection of the haphazard melange of my prayers. On the way to work I noticed that the clouds had formed an oval bowl over Capitol Hill (see pic above). The bowl was filled with wispy clouds, like steam rising from soup. Very weird. I've never seen cloud configurations like this and wonder what kind of celestial energy could cause it. It looked to me like the soup lifestyle, also kind of like the "empty bowl" I try to be when I meditate. Except it wasn't empty. Hm.

Later in the day the sky went completely crazy. It was as if every kind of cloud formed all at once, layered one on top of the next. There was no rhyme nor reason to that sky, just like my prayers.

Please let the rains come to southeast Africa, as soon as possible, OK?
Please help my clients with cancer find the right drug cocktails so they can tolerate chemotherapy.
I can't find my favorite healing crystal. You know the one. Will you help me locate it?
Can you PLEASE teach me how to be as calm as Barack Obama?

There were more prayers of request, but I will spare you the whole list.

No doubt yesterday's cloud formations were also reflective of the chaos and confusion we're enduring here leading up to the presidential election, and with the financial markets bouncing up and down like yo-yo's. Talk about no rhyme nor reason. Looking up at the crazy sky, I thought, Beautiful! But I also thought Uh-oh. Disturbing!

What next?


Lynne said...

beautiful sky photos! stunning! we had nothing but cloud cover yesterday, but just look at what you had!

tut-tut said...

I've never seen anything like that either. Remarkable. My praying is like the constant background hummm of the refrigerator, though internalized.

rabbi lars said...

I pray allllllll the time, I pray desperately

willow said...

My prayer patterns are just like yours. Pretty erratic. Calm thankful prayers and desperate needy prayers, depending on the day. I love the peacefulness of Obama!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I'm desperately praying for an obamanation!

I do throw up thoughts that would be considered to some as prayers all the time....

we had terrific skies here yesterday too! and what a day in terms of the weather....today more of the same, but rain moving in this afternoon.

Adrianne said...

Jeff and I marveled at the clouds over DC all day yesterday, beginning on the dog walk at the cemetery and continuing through a two-hour walk in the arboretum. We took pics, too, some of which I plan to post on my blog later today, and some of which I think Jeff posted on his blog yesterday (www.vox-stellarum.blogspot.com).

Jeff said that we should send some of the pics off to the Cloudspotter Guide folks to see if they could make heads or tails of the patterns, because we certainly couldn't. Like you, we'd never seen anything like it. The wispy clouds that seemed so out of pattern seemed to me like angels in motion. I also thought about your soul retrieval helpers.

Steve said...

Just noticing the sky is a form of prayer, I think.

Merle Sneed said...

I do not pray, but I do resolve everyday to do better.

Great pics as always.

Janelle said...

great post. yes. prayer is a wonderful thing...and so are those SKIES! wow!

goatman said...

You living there in the belly of the beast should,I guess, expect aerial turbulence above.
A very nice shot of it.

Reya Mellicker said...

Goatman? Oh yeah!

Pod said...

i shall say a little prayer today for little you

hele said...

This morning I also found myself scattering all over while meditating. Luckily lately I have come to realise that to be in the moment I need only acknowledge that I am all over the place.

I do wish I felt what those clouds looks like while doing so.