Thursday, October 2, 2008

Health is Everything

I love the High Holy Days of Judaism, always have. Even at the pinnacle of my life as a wiccan priestess I was always able to tune in. Without a conscious thought about it, I would find myself, on a September day, at the beach or on top of one of San Francisco's seven hills, feeling contemplative as I watched the sun go down. Then I'd drive around, honking my horn, my version of a shofar, I guess. Whenever I thought to check the calendar, sure 'nuff I'd discover that I had celebrated Rosh Hashana (in a very unorthodox way.)

It's wonderful to have ten days set aside specifically to get things straight, make amends for mistakes made, straighten out conflicts and meditate on the past year. At the end of the High Holy Days, the book of life is closed. (I always imagine it dramatically slammed shut, emitting a little cloud of smoke or dust, like in the cartoons.) No matter what it looks like, there's no point in worrying about the past after Yom Kippur. Once the book of life is closed, it's time to move forward into the new year. The holiday is so practical, I love it!

Every year a personal theme emerges for the High Holy Days. Some years it's about apologizing to people whose feelings I've hurt. Other years I've worked with the idea of forgiveness, letting go of grudges and judgments I'm holding onto. Some years I've had to let go of people and communities that were unhealthy for me.

This year is different. This year my whole focus is on regaining my health. Though I could spend a lot of time trying to understand WHY I got so sick, WHY the dog stomped on my foot, WHY WHY WHY, it seems clear to me that this would not be as productive as making soup, taking it easy and getting lots of sleep. This year I'm getting well. That's it. Happy 5769 - may it be a year of great good health for all!


Barbara said...


Steve said...

A worthy goal! :)

Pandora said...

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.

Not the illness, but the health. Focusing there. Focusing right there.

And then it all comes into line. And may it be so.

much love.

Gary said...

Productivity takes so many forms doesn't it? This year you are feeling the need to take care of you in a way, or with a focus. that seems a little different than what you described in past years. Celebrate the new discoveries and embrace it all - negative and positive. It is from both that we continue to grow (like that beautiful pumpkin you have pictured).

Happy 5769 and good health to you!

Val said...

I'd like to know more about this event - it sounds so profound.
5769 hey? that is a long time. i love the depth of history here. funny have also been doing some circumspection - maybe its in the air?

deborah said...


and all my love

Reya Mellicker said...

I think autumn is a great time for introspection. The energy draws inwards, so it makes sense that thoughts tend to curl inwards, too.

Except ... I think it's spring where you are, Val. Oops. There goes another one of my theories! I tend to introspect all year round anyway.

The idea of the high holy days (boy is this abbreviated) is that you get things straight with people and situations, as much as is possible. Make apologies, ask for forgiveness, and forgive the people who made mistakes or hurt your feelings during the last year.

On Yom Kippur we really get into it - fast all day, pray like maniacs, because on Yom Kippur it's time to get things straight with God.

Gulp! No wonder they call it the Day of Atonement. It's a serious day.

At the end of the day, we break the fast with apples and honey, and feast together to welcome in the new year. It's a very cool holiday, if you ask me.

lettuce said...

i came across a honey cake recipe this week which sounds delicious and i thought of you - would you like it?

honey is good for healing

Pam said...

Wishing you great good health Reya...and yes, get lots of sleep and take it easy!