Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You can say that again, Thomas!

"The story within and beneath the familiar story is almost always full of insight and new possibility. It may take courage to go another level down, to abandon clarity, however illusory, for confusion and puzzlement. Our habitual stories usually protect us from the mystery of our lives. But there is always the opportunity to take our storytelling deeper, always the chance to find the intelligence and comfort we have been seeking at a level far beneath the basement of our expectations."

from "Original Self" by Thomas Moore


Adrianne said...

I think that Thomas Moore is a good candidate for my ever-growing reading list -- thank you!

And I love that shadow of you in the puddle (wearing what appears to be a ball cap? With a Mark's Kitchen logo, perhaps?). :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Reya and Adrianne,
You may be interested in a blog dedicated to Thomas Moore called Barque at that explores his writings and work. Why not join the associated forum at to share your responses to his reflections? Adrianne, "candidate" is a loaded word these days but I think you're right, Moore would be a fruitful addition to your readling list.

Lynne said...

Beautiful: both the photo and the words.

Anonymous said...

Reya -

Thank you for the reminder. I've been working with stories and restorying since arriving at my home of healing in Pennsylvania.


Squirrel said...

gorgeous photos, the colors so vibrant. feels like September.