Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sick of Being Sick

My foot was recovered enough to walk Jake around the block this morning. It was miraculous! There's a world out there of people, birds, dogs, trees, and tropical moisture, a la Hurricane Kyle. WOW!! I felt like I'd just been released from jail.

But I'm still suffering from the cold from hell. Can't kick it no matter what I try - Chinese tea, homeopathics, chicken soup, extended rest - nothing is working. I'm superstitious enough to have hoped that when the moon turned last night, suddenly I would be on the mend. Even the moon can't fix this one, apparently.

Tomorrow or Tuesday, I'm going over to the dark side - I'm going to get a prescription for antibiotics. It's a big deal for me. I can't remember taking an antibiotic since I had my wisdom teeth removed at age 21, which means the last time I took them, the Sufi acupuncturist had not yet been born. Wow.

I keep reading about the impact of flu on "the elderly." Am I elderly? Yikes.


Adrianne said...

You are so not elderly! Stop, already!

As for possible cures, last night I had some really great pho at the Vietnamese place by Fragers. Maybe that would help? Let me know if you want me to procure some for you tomorrow (they are closed on Sundays). Glad the foot is feeling better, at least.

We saw Tonka at the graveyard today and Amos tried to clock him, even though I swear I didn't say a word! That dog truly loves you, you know. (: )

tut-tut said...

Elderly?! No way. Antibiotics--I'm with you on not taking them as a general policy, but as a last resort, perhaps you should.

tam said...

Hey hey hey! The cure, the cure! Maybe you just need to let yourself be sick!!??

Sorry that sounds dreadful coz I'm sure you are feeling dreadful, and by all means do take the antibiotics - I've resorted to it as well lately, V. relUCTANtly but sometimes you have to.

Just look back at your last posts tho - the blahs, the energy zap unzipped, the flu, the talking about needing to slow down...the twisted ankle....


hahah. you don't sound elderly, not once. (only wise, dear, very wise) but anyone in the healing profession's got to be having a bit of overspill at the moment? Huh?

Maybe this is my stuff. But maybe you could try and just indulge in a bit of misery until it works its way out of your system.

Just a thought.

tam said...

VEry presumptious of me. Just that - I had a flu from hell in March this year. And it didn't let go for weeks and weeks. And weeks.
And when I finally just gave in to it, I had such important 'cave dwelling' time, and found there was all this stuff that had been wanting me to take notice and I hadn't been. Until I just had to lie down and extend what I thought was 'extended' rest to a whole lot longer than ... well. You get the picture.

Pam said...

Hi Reya. I know what you mean about anti-biotics. It was a big deal for me too, but sometimes they have to bring in the big guns. I tried to treat acute sinusitus homeopathically once (I'm a great believer in that)but nothing worked.I had to have three courses of antibiotics before that nasty piece of work shifted.I know what you're talking about is a cold, but may I just say for the record that anyone who has acute sinusitus has my sympathy -I thought it was on a par with a cold, catarrah, bronchitus till I had it.Nah, it's like if they drilled a hole up into your head it would be a relief.And no, you're not elderly. Elderly go on and on about their illnesses.Thinks like sinus and....oh god.

Steve said...

NOT elderly! An infection after a cold can happen to anyone. I'm with you on antibiotics -- I only use them as a last resort -- but it sounds like it's time.

Re. your last post, I was shocked about Paul Newman too. He's one of those people who seemed like they'd always be around. :(

Steve said...

PS -- Do you realize you posted a marigold photo on the same day that I posted a very similar photo, inspired by you?? WOW!

deborah said...

get what you need
then eat lots o yogurt
and be well my sweetest sista
be well

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve I LOVE being on your wavelength.

And Tam - point well taken. You are so good at connecting the dots. One of my big concerns is completely practical. I can't afford to be this sick. I have to work or I will go belly up faster than the blink of an eye.

People with money can take time to recover, but not working folks like me. Gotta get back to the grind or else!

Reya Mellicker said...

Acute sinutitis??


I've always said that although antibiotics are overprescribed, they do have their place. I've always said if I needed them, I would take them.

I need them. 'Nuff said about that!

Merle Sneed said...

Elderly is twenty years older than you are at a given time.

Taking antibiotics from time to time is a wise move, if you ask me.

Washington Cube said...

Those are zinnias, but I thought of Marigolds on the Moon when I saw it.

I have several friends with "that cold." Knock on wood it's avoided me, but a friend and I are both experiencing "to the bone" in my right heel.

Barbara Martin said...

I have had a lingering cold with sinus stuffiness and a bit of wheezing, which almost disappeared after I had a reiki treatment for my back. Antibiotics for me are a last resort, as I can only take penicillin (which does not work on most bugs or bacteria that are pencillin resistant).

Have you tried Oil of Oregano? Tastes awful but it works! Its at least natural, whereas today antibiotics are a mixture of chemicals.

lucy said...

Elderly? Not at all! This lingering cold into sinus infection needing antibiotics stuff...when my kids were very little, we'd all have this at one point in the winter. And I'd delay getting the antibiotics and then kick myself for not getting them sooner, because we all got better so quickly.

So it's not an age thing. It's them virii digging their heels in and inviting their bacteria buddies to party irresponsibly.

Hope you feel better ASAP.

(Besides, I'm the same age as you so you CAN'T be elderly.)

Val said...

teaspoons of chopped garlic and honey as often as you can. sounds ghastly but has worked for me in the past. colds do seem to last a lot longer these days... and I think Tam has a good point. sometimes your body needs you to rest up and take time to assimilate other stuff. Tough if you are self emplyed though...
Really hope you feel better sooner than soon! :-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Hope you are soon better. I suppose you've done the vitamin C and zinc thing?
Take care.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love all these messages of good will and the different ways people address their health. Just read yesterday that they think Stonehenge was a healing spa. Figures, doesn't it?

Today I will procure antibiotics if it's the last thing I do. If ya'll could see what came out of my nose this morning, you would agree, it's time.


Pandora said...

Things change, things shift. Take the antibiotics, by all means, but if you do, make sure to be grateful for them, or you'll undermine them. CELEBRATE the antibiotics.

Of course, I'm a medievalist; I've got a long view. Silly to take the things all the time, but hey. Generations of all our people say --

take the damn antibiotics. And wouldn't we have liked some!

yours, mindful of the Black Death,

Panda. I love you bunches.

oh, and elderly -- I agree with the above comment -- you're never elderly; it's always sometime in the future!

Lynne said...

Yes, by all means get on antibiotics right away! Infections won't leave without them and you certainly don't want it to get an even tighter hold on you. Some infections can go straight to your heart if you're not careful!

Drugs, Reya!

lacochran said...

Wow, I am just catching up on your blog and finding you in such difficulties! So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope your next course of treatment shakes it loose!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thank you all. Pandora, I definitely was thinking today about past lifetimes when I had to sit with people who had the flu and watch them die because there was nothing to be done about it.

I am SO GRATEFUL for the antibiotics!!

BTW, my diagnosis? PNEUMONIA!!

Definitely a good day to swallow the powerful pills. Definitely!!

Pandora said...

There you go.

No point in dying of pneumonia -- or even suffering from it long -- when there are alternatives.

Each lifetime provides its own interesting ways to die -- in your case, the time, the economic class, the country lead to the conclusion that pneumonia's just declasse.

love, sweetie. love. Come visit.