Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Blahs

Is frozen pizza delicious? Because that's what I ended up "cooking" for dinner yesterday. My room is sparkling clean, something I'm having a hard time appreciating since I couldn't enjoy the process. Usually I love to clean my room. I know, it's weird, but I do. Ordinarily, cleaning brings instant gratification, clears my head, helps me calm down, makes me feel productive. Except - not yesterday.

Though it was a non-day all day yesterday, there was one very cool moment of vivid synchronicity. Just as I was having a little hissy fit because I couldn't find my art pen, a quick rain shower swept through, from out of the nowhere, it seemed. I think there might have even been one small crack of lightning/thunder. How sweet of the weather to dance shamanically along with me!

After that, I hunkered back down into a state of non-productivity and non-creativity. I was devoid of inspiration. So, apparently, was the weather. Meh.

Even though a voice keeps whispering Enjoy your detox into my ear (detox from Clif bars, coffee, dark chocolate and wine - I'm into week three of this cleansing), in spite of the encouragement, I am flopping around, still, from withdrawals. Coffee, wine and dark chocolate are happy foods. I miss my happy foods.

I know it's all for the good. I shouldn't complain. Maybe I'll shut up now! Oh yeah.


tam said...

Well I think I know exactly how you feel... without the extreme detox or the mischievously compliant weather. I'm one big flop of inaction and blahness.

Maybe your inspiration and my creativity and productivity are on holiday together in Morocco.

About that magic wand of yours...

d. chedwick said...

Love the pics as always. Sometimes when I take pics I think of you. a lot.

I could never think about an extreme detox for myself. I often go without the vino and desserts, but if I truly want, I have.
-- just got a new espresso maker. So bad!

Adrianne said...

Don't know if it will make you feel any better, but I'm right there with you, sister (except for the no-wine-and-coffee part).

Steve said...

I think you should have a bit of one of your happy foods. There's a balance in all this, after all. Any extremes are to be avoided!

Val said...

its hard to think of carrots and broccoli as 'happy foods' although I do like them (some of my best friends are carrots and broccoli) but no chocolate wine coffee - thats a tough call. Well done you for managing three weeks!!!
stay strong :-)

Cyndy said...

Your photos have don a fine job of cheering me up from my blah day.

Reya Mellicker said...

The Sufi acupuncturist told me the same thing, Steve - not to be a detox Nazi.

But I'm a person of extremes. Give me a bite of dark chocolate and the next thing you know, I will have eaten the entire bar.

Much better now that I've had acupuncture. Astonishingly, while the needles were doing their magic this morning, the sky cleared up completely revealing a startling clear blue. I feel like a different person. Wow.

Reya Mellicker said...

tam - I hope our creativity and productivity are having a lovely time in Morocco!

tut-tut said...

Is the reflection one of your room's window?

I'm glad you've experienced an uplift!

Lynne said...

I am convinced that DC must be a place of gloriously reflective puddles and extremely clean cars. :)
Great pics.
Go have a glass of wine, Reya!

Reya Mellicker said...

I hear you all! Thank you.

The reflection is from a puddle in an alley between 11th and 12th Streets SE, halfway between Independence Ave. and Lincoln Park.

There are way too many trees around the house on Tennessee Ave. to get a clear picture of it until the leaves fall - that huge descent of the canopy lasts from October until New Year's. After that, I'll publish a pic of the house.