Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I wonder if angels have a moulting season. Based on the shape and texture of the cloud cover in recent days, I would have to say yes, they do, and that season is now. Nice how it coincides with the moulting season of birds here at the surface. I always pick up dozens of nice pidgeon feathers at this time of year. (I know pidgeons are hardly more than rats of the sky, but I like their feathers. I attach them to my medicine pouch, carry them around in my wallet, place them on altars around the house. They remind me of the virtue of being lighthearted, light as a feather, you know.)

Sometimes I find crow feathers, jet black and sticky. Once or twice I've picked up feathers from blue jays and cardinals. I like them all.

Recently I found a huge feather, more than a foot long. It's grayish, so not from a raven or crow. I'm lucky to have a friend who is a bird expert, who tells me my new feather is from a seagull, probably a Thompson gull. Go figure. I never even knew there was such a thing as a Thompson gull.

The gull feather works well as a tool for waving smudge through the air. I toyed with the idea of making a pen out of it, but quickly talked myself out of that project. The dexterity needed to make the quill pen, not to mention use it, is beyond my humble talents.

More complicated still would be to try to turn angel feathers into pens. Angel wing cloud formations come into being, then dissipate within ten or fifteen minutes, hardly enough time to write even a haiku. Though it would be a hulkin' dude of a haiku, no doubt. It's the nature of angels to be ephemeral. So be it. Thank you, dear bird people of the troposphere and stratosphere, for dropping your beautiful feathers into the sky over Washington DC. Bravo! Brava! and thanks!


Lynne said...

I am always picking up feathers and have quite a collection. I have to keep them locked away tho because my cats will carry them off. The dogs, however, are deathly afraid of feathers. They back up, tuck their tails between their legs and won't come anywhere near them. Weird. I don't know why.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow that is weird. Very cool, but strange.

Lynne said...

Now you have me addicted to the Black Box!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You sound like me, I'm always collecting feathers - and with the guinea fowl in profusion, there so are so many beautiful speckled feathers lying around. Though I have to say my prize is a small pure white feather. An angel feather, I like to think.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm sure it is an angel feather, Ms. Vanilla.

I have a couple of swan feathers a friend in the U.K. sent me. They are so unbelievably soft and so white! Wow.

Sorry Lynne, we're all grappling with the addiction. Let's hope it's a phase that passes quickly! Now, I've gotta get back to it!

Steve said...

Blue jay feathers are the best, aren't they? So beautiful. I keep hoping one day I'll find a feather from a cardinal but I never have.

I love the descriptions of the clouds -- perfect! :)

Pat Posner said...

The Blackbox brought me here.
We have dogs and birds in common.

Washington Cube said...


Val said...

Hi Reya - another beautiful post - thank you! i am always picking up feathers,, its hard not to - like shells on the beach also. Feathers make great bookmarkers too. here the glossy starling feathers are like jewels - shiny topaz - golden blues, purples, black... mesmerising;
love the cloud descriptions too
and feathers being good reminders of the virtue of being lighthearted
yay... thanks again :-)

Miranda said...

Ah, love it. What a fabulous concept, angel feathers. I picked up a few flamingo feathers a few weeks ago. Gorgeous gorgeous tinted pink.

Pam said...

"I wonder if angels have a moulting season".Wonderful Reya! I absolutely love your blog. I have been unable to visit for a while.It has been just delightful to catch up.I hear you with the "Ancestral Advice".

Barbara Martin said...

Nice analogy between angels' wings and the clouds pictured. I don't usually see angels' feathers, only catching glimpses of their white gossamer robes out of the corner of my eye or their light pleasing scent (similar to Johnson's Baby Powder).

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow! They do smell like baby powder!

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, what I should also add, is that in the movie "City of Angels" where the angels go to the beach to listen to the music every morning...well, the music in heaven is very much like that. It is close, but not quite. Just like the baby powder is not quite the smell.

It may seem as if I have considerable experience with angels, but I have had brief encounters few and far between. They lurk but are unable to do anything unless we ask them to or if we are in terrible danger of passing before our time. I have had two near-death experiences: the first with a life review "movie" during a motor vehicle accident and the second with a bright light and voice telling me it wasn't my time (I had a very bad case of DVT) and that I had something to do first. Interesting, I was not told what that thing is; but I'm certain my higher consciousness does and it's not letting me in on the secret just yet.

My blog covers all the different aspects of my manuscripts that I have been writing, with the hopes of having them published. One aspect, out of four remaining, which I have not written about in any length is messengers from heaven. There are two posts about angels, one for Christmas, and the other of angel statutes. In the next few weeks I will post more about angels, their roles and what we as "earth children" can do to make their jobs easier; as well as their role in my stories.

The energy coming from your blog is good which may have attracted me to it via Pam's blog. Reya, you are on the right track.