Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Non-Day

Featureless overcast, muggy air that's neither hot nor cool, not a breath of a breeze. On a day like today, it feels like time itself stands still. The hours pass but the light does not change, the temperature doesn't rise or fall, there is no precipitation, no sunshine, no nothin'. Oh yeah, it's a non-day.

Non-days are perfect catalysts for boredom. In fact, a serious bout of ennui would be the perfect shamanic dance of alignment, but instead of dancing with the non-ness of the outdoors, I'm going to cook something delicious for dinner, clean my room, do laundry, and finish some drawings that I shoved aside the other day in order to enjoy the sparkling weather that followed Hanna.

My inspiration for abandoning my usual habit of alignment with the weather is the Paul Foster Case book about the tarot I'm reading. Among other things, Mr. Case is making me think about the number two, about paradox, contrast, opposites, mirroring and duality, qualities I tend to dismiss, even though I'm all about them (a paradox in itself, eh?)

It'll be fun and interesting to embrace that which I usually dismiss, to make a non-day into a double-day. Will it work? I'll let you know.


Adrianne said...

A "non-day" -- that is a brilliant description of the weather in DC today. I suppose we should be thankful, though -- it's days like this that make us appreciate the stormy days and the sunny gems all the more.

The Trustees said...

We like hat on the shiny car, odd to walk past something like that. looks like some duffer decided it was too much of a non day to golf. and the window reflections match the square patterns in the fabric.

Rolling thunder and drenching rain here at Chedwick University! We are busy here in the fingerpainting studio.

On non-days we walk deep into the woods But it's difficult to visit campus and not be drawn into the woodlands--most people head straight for them.

Val said...

is that the calm after the storm then? i love your reflective photos - cars must be very clean there?!
hope you enjoy the paradoxes today :-)

Val said...

is that the calm after the storm then? i love your reflective photos - cars must be very clean there?!
hope you enjoy the paradoxes today :-)

deborah said...

great photos
bizaare hat
no doubt
purposely so

love you so much

Steve said...

I do love that term, non-day. We're having a non-day in NYC, too. (Or at least a non-afternoon -- it DID rain this morning!) Fab photos, as usual.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Nunday instead of Monday? Missed it by one! Shucks.

Reya Mellicker said...

Ernest you're so damn good.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the hat is a child's sunhat, very small. When people drop something on the pavements here, someone will always pick it up and put it somewhere close where dogs won't pee on it.

Hadn't noticed the double plaid of hat and window. Very cool!

Lynne said...

We are definitely not having a non-day here as far as weather is concerned. We had very dramatic lightning and thunder and RAIN (nearly one inch). Now it's just drippy and gray.

Janelle said...

oh magical reya! what wonderful writing and incredible pictures and even more incredible thoughts you have...and re: the spell casting over N Virginia and elections...um...DO IT! XX janelle

hele said...

I woke up to a non-day today - head heavy, day hot and dusty, F saying today is one of those days where I feel like nothing and me totally agreeing.

Now your post.

Mmmmm. I was planning on sinking into the heaviness. Now I'm going to try and become so light with nothing that I slip through the cracks of what I thought today would be.

lettuce said...

lots of non-days here in london at the mo....