Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Was a Bad Cold

My molecular structure feels enlarged, like tinkertoys. My body has no substance other than the large molecules, yet I am heavy as lead. I can feel the hard knobs of my tinkertoy molecules pressing into the bed at my ankle, knee, hip. My blood is a thick, dark river barely churning. My head is huge, maybe as big as planet Earth while my feet and hands are very tiny, and seem to be quite a distance away.

When I finally worked up the nerve to open my eyes, everything looked green and orange, which is my signal to gather together my tinkertoy structure and take an aspirin. I so rarely take fever reducers, but yesterday was the day to do it. Two minutes after swallowing the aspirin, my fever broke. Instead of being very hot and dry, suddenly I was hot and sweaty, always a good sign. A half hour later, I could feel, as Steve at Shadows and Light says, my blood thinning out, bringing relief to every corner of my being. Really aspirin is a miracle drug!

A nice shower and decent night's sleep have left me more or less on the road to recovery, thank God. The world has returned to full spectrum color, doesn't look wavy or distorted, and my molecules have shrunk back to their usual size. Whew!

Thanks to all for your get well wishes. I believe your good thoughts really helped! I love my blog kin.

Note to self: Bottle of aspirin expired in May of 2007, must replace.


willow said...

Ick! I had fever, too, and the worst part was the aches. My head felt like a bowling ball.

LOVED the Alice montage!!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Angela said...

Welcome back among the living, Reya! Gehabte Schmerzen hab ich gerne, is what Jean Paul said. Um, can`t really translate that. "Had" pains are good pains, perhaps. But no more pains is even better. Move slowly and drink that black tea you like! We all missed your stories and photos!

Adrianne said...

So glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery! (: )

Gary said...

Reya, sorry that you were not feeling well but happy that it is hopefully behind you. Aspirin is amazing. Like you, it works quickly for me - as does all medicine. It's a good thing I don't have an addictive personality or I'd be in trouble with the meds (I imagine). Sending healing thoughts and love your way.

tut-tut said...

Good for you! We're so stoic around here we don't even think of aspirin. I guess we should put it back on the recovery agenda next time.

Reya Mellicker said...

I don't think I'm stoic - it's more like I'm still a hippie!

Still on the road back, but I've turned the corner.

My goodness. I know so many people who are battling very horrible health issues - I'm such a drama queen. For heaven's sake!

Thanks ya'll.

Steve said...

"One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small..."

(as Jefferson Airplane said)

Aspirin is the best, isn't it?? And I wouldn't worry too much about the expiration -- unlike other drugs, I don't think it ever really goes bad.

Steve said...

P.S. -- That is a TRIPPY video!

bohemian mummy said...

Hello Reya, i'm so sorry you haven't been well, but i'm pleased your feeling better. I've been on holiday so am now catching up with everyone.
Fantastic video. My two year old daughter loved it and was dancing around the kitchen to the music with her favorite toys.
BM x

Angela said...

Hi Reya, I read in your comment to Miranda that you said in DC you have to know Indonesian to get by.
Here are the two most important things to know: Apa Kabar? Means "How go?" (it`s a very simple language)and "kamar kecil?" (pronounced kechil)literally means "small room" and stands for toilet. I thought, just in case you are caught in a queue like Miranda...

Lynne said...

So glad you are on your way back up out of the rabbit hole! Here's to a speedy recovery!