Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Between Christmas and New Year's Day, tell me, what happens? Does anything happen? I'm guessing some folks are busy - the people who work in hospitals, retail, and service industries, for instance. I'm working this week, of course, though not a lot.

Even with the structure of my half-assed schedule, the days in this non-week flow one into the next. Is it Tuesday? Wednesday? I should pay attention since I'm going to go receive a massage on Thursday. I would hate to miss that!

The office people sometimes work this week in order to save vacation time. But I seriously doubt anything worthwhile is accomplished. As I remember from my career as an admin, mostly what happens is a lot of sitting around, going out for coffee, feasting on cookies and leftovers in the xerox room, skipping out early for prolonged happy hours.

Do offices still have xerox rooms? Who needs paper these days? Memos once printed and copied on paper are now emails, reports once printed and copied are now either powerpoint presentations or spreadsheets, shared on the ipad or laptop. Maybe in 21st century offices, there is no longer a standard xerox room with stacks of boxed pens and pads of paper.

I'm all for it! Save a tree.

This post is as rambling and vague as the non-week between Christmas and the new year. Maybe I should stop. OK.

Have a wonderful day, whatever day it is, yes? I say yes. Shalom.


steven said...

reya - i get two weeks of holiday through this week and next! paper? schools use scads of paper although the digital piece has cut down somewhat there's still the need for hard copies of all the legal documents, anything assessable, and of course anything that gets put up "on the wall"!!! it'll change i think when the money put into paper anything gets shifted to netbooks or ipads and that'll happen within the next ten years i bet. me? well i'm following my heart this week and then next week i'll be writing and painting and photographing and thinking and reading and sleeping and eating and drinking and breathing - yeahhhhhh mostly breathing!!! steven

Suse said...

The days are vague, indeed. Good time to catch up on reading, or see a movie. Or just sit and think.

nerima roberts said...

As a teacher, this week is time to recharge the batteries and reflect on my teaching craft. It's not my favorite recess because the holidays stress me out (I look forward to mid-winter recess in February which is unencumbered with holidays).
This week IS a weird week. It's sandwiched between Christmas and New Year. Too much stimulation, in my opinion.

Elizabeth said...

Your post exactly captured the limbo-ishness of the whole thing.
Your fist photo was brilliant.
Yes, you would not want to miss your massage.
too much candy around.....too many left overs.
Sending all good wishes your way.
Just off to breathe fresh air with the dog

Happy 2012 GOSH

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven your weeks now and next sound luxurious as does recharging, sitting around thinking, walking the dog. Ahhhh. Not a bad week is it?

janis said...

Reya~ time to get a dog! My pups keep me busy on these non-days! :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Janis I've been thinking about it. I have!

Steve Reed said...

I read somewhere that paper consumption has actually increased with computerization, because everyone feels the need to print out those reports, emails, etc. Kind of discouraging.

I agree this is a bizarre, limbo-ish week.

Val said...

it is a strange time - here the streets are empty as everyone is away or at the coast; good time to queue in gov departments as the queue is next to nonexistent! so i am doing stuff like that preparing for the next run at a whole year. but also a lot of limbonic (is that a word) procrastinating and hanging :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Limbonic? If it isn't a word, it should be!

Steve I bet the need to print everything is fading now. I'm sure that was an early consequence of computerization. The iphone is changing the way people think, hence I can show my iphone to the Bolt bus driver instead of having a paper ticket, same goes at the airport and move theater. Pretty soon we'll use iphones for everything. I love it!